What are workers’ compensation benefits?

If an employee gets injured at work or catches an illness that is work-related, they might be eligible for getting a worker’s compensation claim. In order to file a proper claim, the most important thing is to get in touch with the best workers compensation lawyer in Phoenix who can help you in getting the benefits of the compensation.

Let’s have a look at some of the compensation benefits that can be availed by someone who is eligible for them.

Medical care

When a person gets injured at work or gets ill as a result of the work, under the worker’s compensation they will get paid for hospital and medical expenses. Depending on the case, the beneficiary might also be able to get covered for the visit to the doctor, the equipment is like a wheelchair that you might need for coping with work-related injury or illness. In some cases, the workers’ compensation also reimburses people for therapies like counseling and acupuncture.

However, if you and your doctor want to take help of an experimental or investigative treatment, you might fail to get that covered under the compensation, and in situations like this, an expert attorney can be of help.

Rehabilitation benefits

It is not just the medical benefits that are covered under the workers’ compensation, rehabilitation benefits are also covered under this compensation. Rehabilitation benefits mean the things that are important in helping the injured person recover the skills and return to work. So, the money spent on medical and therapeutic care like pain therapy is paid under the workers’ compensation.
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However, if the injury is of a nature that doesn’t allow the person to resume the earlier job, they are entitled to be paid for things like retraining and tuition so that they can become qualified for a different kind of job.
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Disability benefits

If the injury or illness is a result of a work-related thing and makes them disabled, they are entitled to get compensated for the part of income that day would lose due to that injury. These benefits are divided into four categories that depend on the nature of the disability: Temporary total disability, temporary partial disability, permanent partial disability, and permanent total disability. The compensation amount given to the plaintiff depends on what category they fall into.

In case of the death of a person, the family is also allowed to claim the benefits that are available in such a case.

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