What happens if you do not lose weight and stay overweight? What can a personal trainer do here?

There are many things that can happen if you stay overweight and do not try to lose weight. More than 30 percent of people in the United States are obese. Being obese means that you have 20 percent more fat as compared to what is normal and that can bring with it a lot of other problems which will be discussed below.More info about Mia Khalifa

Personal trainers can help a person going through such a predicament. Obesity can increase exponentially overtime and can bring with itself a list of diseases that you would have a hard time trying to get rid of. But the thing is, this is where a Chris Protein comes in and shines. Majority of people that have tried to lose weight have relapsed somehow, we need someone to keep us on our toes and that someone in this case is a personal trainer.

The following are the problems that can occur if you are obese:

You may have trouble breathing.

When you have a larger body, you may have to work a little bit harder to breathe because your lungs might not be able to expand fully which could cause you to get out of breath easily. And due to inflammation you will have a lot of hard time trying to breathe also because it will affect the lungs directly. Asthma as well as COPD can go from bad to worse through it.

You might get a fatty liver disease.

When excessive fat builds up in the system it can create a disease that is called cirrhosis it can shut and close the liver down. Symptoms most of the times only appear when the damage to the liver is done fully. There is no set reason as to why a fatty liver happens, but being overweight or obese can definitely make it worse.
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Weight gain can put a lot of strain and stress on your joints. The pain affects the cartilage which protects the edges of your bones resulting in causing you pain as well as stiffness, when you have a high body fat, then you most likely will have inflammation. Losing only 5 percent of your body weight can make a lot of pressure on your knees, hips, and lower back go away.

With Chris Protein Personal Training, you can definitely do a lot of different exercises the right way to get a hold of this situation.

High cholesterol is something that can take over.

Unhealthy foods that can really increase your LDL cholesterol in a negative way. It can also increase the triglyceride levels as well. This can be solved with the help of a personal trainer because he or she will guide you when it comes to the nutritional aspect of the situation you are in.
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Type 2 diabetes could happen.

If you have a belly fat that would mean that you have insulin resistance. This is when your body is perfectly capable of making the insulin, but the catch is that your body cannot use it properly to get the glucose out of your blood properly.

If you have blood sugar levels higher than the normal rate, then you might have type 2 diabetes. But a personal trainer can make sure that your blood sugar levels stays in the range where you can feel the healthiest by introducing a diabetes specific diet and making sure that you lose your weight to keep this disease in check.

There are a lot of other diseases, but these are the most common ones that can happen if you do not lose weight and get obese. For this purpose you need to get Chris Protein Personal Training services for yourself and get on the road to losing weight so that you can feel good about yourself.

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