What Leads To A Car Accident?

No driver wants to face road accidents while traveling, though they happen quite regularly. Unfortunately, most people do not learn from their mistakes.
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Most people know about the rules and safety measures while driving on the road, but it does not mean the driver is well aware of it in front of you.
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The leading cause of accidents is human error. 

Severe car accidents can leave you with permanent and lifelong injuries. Treating these injuries for a long time is expensive, and that is why it is important to hire a Bend car accident attorney who can help you calculate future medical costs. 

What leads to a car accident?

  • Overspeeding

Overspeeding is the leading cause of most car accidents. It is the natural behavior of humans to excel. If humans had a chance, they would have reached infinity. When we increase the speed of our vehicles, it increases the risk of accidents and getting fatal injuries. Many people ask about the link between driving fast and an accident? Well, the answer is very easy. Faster vehicles need more time to stop than slower vehicles. Hence, vehicles moving at higher speeds can cause damage to both the driver and other drivers or passengers.

  • Distraction while driving. 

Getting distracted from stones while driving can be minor, but it can cause severe injuries. Using smartphones while driving is one of the major distractions in our lives daily. Receiving calls from unknown and texting while dirivng can make you cost your life.

  • Drunken driving

Drunken driving is a common reason for injuries in a car accident. Consumption of alcohol on occasion is normal, but it causes misfortune when mixed with driving. Drinking alcohol increases drowsiness and decreases reaction time.
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Our body limbs tend to react slowly to the information interpreted by the brain. If you are way too drunk to drive, it is always best to take a cab or ask your friend (who is not drunk) to drop you at home rather than driving the car yourself. 

  • Red light jumping

There are many reasons why people drive faster on the road. It may look like no other vehicle is present on the other side of the road, so it is safe to cross it. But it is never a good idea to cross the road just by looking at the sides. You may never know how fast a car can move at the signal. 

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