8 Trendy Footwear that Women Should Have

The ability to match the women’s clothing and footwear is essential; it contrasts their appearance, making them appear more confident and attractive. In addition, it sets their mood, and the right combination of outfits and shoes would emphasise their overall appearance.
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Hence, with so many different styles and brands to choose from, such as Jimmy Choo sneakers, Prada heels, and Wildsecrets sandals, it always comes down to personal preference and being comfortable and able to be yourself while wearing an outfit or footwear.

Different Types of Footwear That Women Should Have

Women’s footwear today come in a wide variety of styles. Therefore, women should consider comfort and style when shopping. Furthermore, ladies should strive to have a diverse collection of shoes in their closet, like Gucci running shoes, Kate spade flats, and Wildsecrets high heels for every outfit they want to wear.

Types of Heels

  1. Kitten Heels is an ideal combination of comfort and style. They have a tiny heel, identical to a stiletto, but they are often much shorter, allowing them easier to walk in. However, they have the same design and style as any other heel, making them ideal for parties, gatherings, and the workplace.
  2. Cone Heels feature heels similar to stilettos but with a different shape and thickness. Unlike stilettos, its cream cone shape heels give better comfort and stability. This shape makes them denser than stilettos and is usually more comfortable.
  3. Stilettos are well-known for their ability to be high and difficult to wear. It has skinny heels that can reach up to 8 inches in height, and gives the effect of appeal and allows women to show their size and legs.

Types of Flats

  1. Women’s Sandals are must-have summer shoes. Sandals are shoes with a flat sole and open toe. As such, its straps, which may or may not be buckled, secure sandals to the foot most of the time. Besides, sandals are a lightweight option for women because of the light material protecting the foot.
  2. Ballet Flats are diverse shoes that you can wear for formal and informal settings. Ballet flats were shaped and are named after ballet dancers’ ankle footwear that they use on stage. Ballet flats are not only a popular shoe style among women of all ages but they are also regarded as a wardrobe must-have.
  3. Flip flop Sandals have been called the most fashionable sandals in the country on several occasions. People wear flip-flops to events and outings because they are the ultimate summer shoes.

A flip-flop is the only shoe that makes life easier. These sandals may be the most straightforward shoe available. And, their soles are usually composed of rubber, with a Y-shaped strap that glides between your toes to keep them in place.

  1. Slide Sandals are also fantastic as wash shoes for college students. Their rubber design will not be destroyed when they come in contact with water, and they will keep your feet from slipping on the communal shower floor. Of course, slides are available in a variety of styles, and some are foam-based and have feature glittery straps or smooth fabric.
  2. Gladiator Sandals are flat-soled and emerge with numerous wide-cross straps, starting from the sole and closing with a thicker strap at the top, taking inspiration from the old shoes worn by Classical Greek gladiators during battles.

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