6 Effective Ways Startups can Use LinkedIn Contacts For Email Marketing

Maximize the benefits of LinkedIn email marketing as a startup, reach a larger audience and enjoy more sales for your brand. Take advantage of these tested and trusted steps today to generate organic leads and grow your business.

Whether your brand is a B2B or B2C, you can use result-yielding email marketing features on LinkedIn to grow your business organically. The effective growth of your startup will depend on the kind of tools you use, your brand voice, and customers satisfaction. LinkedIn email marketing will help you find the right audience for your products or services, convert speculators to long-term customers to increase your ROI at the same time.

A step-by-step guide to using LinkedIn contacts for effective email marketing for startups

Now that you have collected the emails of your LinkedIn audience, you might wonder how to put them to good use.  This informational material was provided by a partner site

Here are the 6 effective ways startups can use LinkedIn contacts for email marketing.

1. Focus your email marketing on the best targets

Effective LinkedIn email marketing requires that you target a particular audience at a time and focus on them. Instead of spraying your email to people who may not need your services or products, pick and focus on a selected audience. This is the way you can send the most relevant messages that convert to sales and valuable leads. To Know All About Inbound Marketing Agencies

2. Time your email marketing; send at the right time

Sending a personalized email to the right audience at the appropriate time is very important. First, learn the best day and time in the week to push your emails across to your contacts even before drafting the marketing copy. You can achieve result-yielding campaigns by using InMail marketing real-time delivery and reporting to make sure your emails arrive at the right time when your contacts are likely online.

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3. Use an attention-grabbing subject line

A high result-yielding and successful LinkedIn email campaign start with choosing the best subject line. Subject lines are like seductive objects that you will use to lure your audience into reading down to the end of your email.
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Your subject line must be personalized, attention-grabbing, and be able to instill curiosity in your audience.

4. Personalize your message

Make your message personal. Focus on the audience and not on yourself. Use more of “you” and less of “I or we.” Make your audience believe that you have their best interest at heart and motivate them to act by revolving around their needs. When you use

When you use more “you” instead of “I,” they’ll relax and give you their attention. But to get started, first identify their priority, and show them how you’ll help. Speak to their needs, open up their problems carefully, and provide straightforward solutions that center on them.

5. Keep to a concise and straightforward pattern

Do not bore your audience with long and hard-to-understand emails. Please keep it simple, concise, straight to the point, and pass one meaningful message at a time. A typical high converting email should be 50 to 125 words. Keep your email possibly short and direct to the point. Follow a definite and exciting pattern that will grab and retain your contacts’ attention.

6. Call your audience to action

Give your prospects a compelling reason to respond to your email, buy your products or visit your website. Call them to action. Your message shouldn’t look clueless and nondirectional. Follow a pattern that begins and ends with a focus on the prospect.

When customers and prospects act, they can click on a link to sign up for more emails, order a product, schedule a meeting, or make requests. In the long run, your attention-grabbing call to action generates more leads and ROI, thereby increasing the chances of your startup succeeding.


As a startup, focus on building a customized audience base by personalizing your message and contacting only prospects and customers who likely need your products or services. When you capture your contacts’ attention through LinkedIn email marketing, you must continue delivering relevant content that calls your audience to action.

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