The 5 Most Common Car Accident Injuries

No matter how cautious we are on the highway, we just can’t evade car accidents. These are people who are not as cautious as us. Also, by nature, accidents are events and circumstances that we couldn’t foresee. This is why transportation laws require an extraordinary kind of diligence for people traversing roads and highways. It goes without saying that being issued a driver’s license is a privilege that carries a lot of responsibilities.

California car accident injury statistics reveal that out of more than 38,000 people dying each year from car accidents in the US, more than 3,500 are coming from the state alone. Car accidents could be so fatal that they could reclaim the lives of drivers, passengers, and even passers-by. If one survives, what they stand to suffer are injuries that could be mild but irreparable, depending on the accident’s severity.

When you or your loved ones get involved in a car accident, you need to seek the help of a seasoned lawyer to fight your case in court. You also need a lawyer to sort out pieces of evidence in your favor. But aside from the help of your lawyer, it would also be best if you were also knowledgeable on the kinds of accidents and injuries you could suffer from. Through this, you’ll know how to document your case and seek reparation for damages later.

What are the five most common car injuries?

The injuries will determine the amount and type of damages one can claim. For example, death due to a wanton intent to cause harm to another could be a civil and criminal case that warrants jail time and pecuniary damages. A car accident injury resulting from failure to have the vehicle regularly checked would only warrant payment of proved damages. Here are some to help you sort the kind of injuries you suffer.

Traumatic brain injuries

Also known as TBI, traumatic brain injuries are considered the cause of around 30% of car accident-related injuries and deaths in the United States. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), TBI kills over 130 people per day. If one survives, one is meant to suffer from a lifetime disability.
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Apart from that, survivors usually suffer from impaired sensation, impaired movement, impaired cognitive function, impaired memory, depression, and personality changes.

Paraplegia and tetraplegia/quadriplegia

The torque and impact of the car crash can cause the body to suffer from permanent spinal cord injuries. Consequently, spinal cord damage can cause the lower parts of the injured body part to be permanently paralyzed.
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This damage is primarily due to the trauma one experienced during the accident. This could only happen if the accident is so severe. The traumatic blow to one’s spine could dislocate or fracture the vertebrae, causing tearing or bruising of one’s spinal cord tissues.


The American Burn Association revealed that there are 300 deaths related to vehicle crash fires in the US alone. Apart from that, this injury is also one of the most painful and most debilitating injuries one can suffer from an accident. It could also result from chemicals, electricity, radioactivity, radiation, and heat. This is also considered an injury to the skin and the body’s organic tissues.

Massive internal injuries

Not all accident-induced injuries are visible on the surface. One of the less traceable injuries is trauma. This is a severe injury because it can damage internal organs and cause internal bleeding. In this case, you must seek medical help right away. Despite not seeing visible wounds or cuts in your body, you need to submit yourself for checks to determine internal injuries.

Amputation and loss of limb

A serious vehicular accident can also lead to severe injuries to your lower limbs, leading to amputation. Also known as traumatic amputation, the loss of a limb due to an accident is 83% of most car accident cases. In these cases, it’s almost always that the lower extremities get to be amputated.


While it’s always best to be cautious and avoid car accidents that cause injuries, it’s not always the case. When one least expects it, accident comes sneaking in, wreaking havoc. When this happens, it’s always best to work with a reliable car accident attorney. With their guidance, you can avoid more losses and also get compensation for the injuries you suffered.

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