Supplements to Consider

There are many supplements for lowering cholesterol on the market, so many that it can be overwhelming when you try to narrow down your choice. However, buying all of the ‘newest and best’ products will not do the trick. There still hasn’t been enough evidence to prove that these supplements are beneficial and will not interfere with other aspects of your health.

If you choose to give supplements a try, it is always a good idea to choose natural and scientifically backed up remedies. Always consult with your doctor and seek his/her opinion before taking any supplements. Here is a short list of supplements to consider.

Green Tea

Drinking green tea is beneficial for people with high cholesterol. Studies have shown that people who regularly consume this beverage can lower their LDL cholesterol levels without interfering with the levels of good HDL cholesterol. Green tea extract can give the same results.

Red Yeast Rice

This Chinese medication, a red yeast fermented on rice, has been traditionally used in Asia as a heart remedy. It contains a compound called monocline K, which can inhibit the liver’s production of cholesterol. Beware, as red yeast rice may bring its own side effects with it.


This vitamin B, when taken in larger doses, can decrease LDL cholesterol levels by 30%, and increase HDL cholesterol. Its common side effects include itching and facial flushing.
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Plant Sterols and Stenols

Plant sterols and stanols can help you decrease cholesterol. These compounds, found in almost all plants, can interfere with the absorption of cholesterol. Supplements are also available.

One study has shown that participants who took artichoke leaf extract supplements for six weeks made their cholesterol levels drop by 23%. As promising as this sounds, the study has not been replicated, and further studies have not had such brilliant results.
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hese supplements have some studies backing them up, but that does not mean that you are guaranteed to benefit from them. Consult with your doctor first before buying them.

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