Advantages of ceramic coating

Your car is not a small investment. Hence, ensuring that the paint looks and feels new and shiny for years is essential. To perform this, you should consider a ceramic coating and detailing service from trusted companies that protects your car painting from chipping over time. Find out what ceramic coating is and how it makes your car look like new?

Ceramic coating is a layer of liquid polymer applied to your car’s exterior. The coating adds a protection layer between the paint and outside elements to secure it from UV damage, gravel, dirt and dust, bird dropping, stones, and sap that can ruin the paint.

Ceramic coating helps avoid damage to your paint and makes it simpler to clean your car with just a soapy solution and water.

Benefits of ceramic coating

There are several benefits of applying a ceramic coating to your car. Ceramic coating helps to:

  • Lower oxidation
  • Prevent corrosion
  • Repel water
  • Make the car color look more vibrant

Keep your car protected.

With ceramic coating, your car is protected from elements. Here are some elements from which ceramic coating preserves your vehicle.

Stone chips

While driving, stones get stirred up and chip your car’s paint. The ceramic coating protects against this by adding a deflective layer.


Ceramic coating also keeps your car secure against rust and corrosion. It is achieved because of the hydrophobic qualities which the coating has.

Road salt damage

Ceramic coating secures against the road salt that covers the streets of Edmonton during winters- it reduces the chip and future deterioration of the car’s metal.

Tree sap damage

Tree sap can be tough to remove and leaves a sticky residue behind. The ceramic coating offers a barrier and helps you easily get rid of tree sap.

Bug splatter damage

Bugs during the hot season cause havoc on your car paint. The ceramic coating offers a barrier to getting rid of this issue. It doesn’t let them leave a mark on your car.


The sun’s harsh ultraviolet rays damage the car paint and make it fade with time. Consistent exposure can lead to discoloration. Ceramic coating helps to secure your car paint from fading. It offers security against it and helps the paint retain its real luster over time.

Minor scratches

Ceramic coating reduces the signs of minor scratches on your car surfaces, preventing the regular need for repairs and touch-ups.

Spots, sun swirls, and other types of damages

Ceramic coating helps protect against all types of sun damage, spots, dents, and swirls. It doesn’t let any fading spots or sun swirls impact your car negatively.

Maintain the new-like look

With no damage to your car’s paint, you get to enjoy the new-like look of your vehicle for a long time. The ceramic coating can be cleaned using a casual car wash. It doesn’t need any rigorous effort.

So, with the ceramic pro, you can protect your car and keep its paint secure from all types of damage. Get it done at First Detailing Studio for effective results at the best prices.

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