What are the reasons for Truck accidents?

Often, we dread looking at the heavy trucks loaded to their full capacities but running under speed limits on the highways. What if it slips over? Though the thought is horrific, it sometimes becomes reality for a few unfortunates.
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You may contact Bakersfield truck accident lawyers to get legal advice regarding such cases. But accidents are unintentional, and they happen because of several reasons.
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What are the reasons for Truck accidents? Let’s see a few below.

Some reasons for truck accidents:


Pure negligence from truck drivers or passengers is the most common reason.

We often see road-rages because of such situations. This can be easily concluded if either parties had violated any traffic regulations like breaking a signal, exceeding the speed limits, reckless driving, drunk driving, etc.

Poor Road and lighting conditions

In situations where the road conditions for some reason are not well maintained or have gone wrong because of weather, it is difficult to categorize it as negligence. Driving at night is all the riskier if there is poor lighting in the area. 

Stress and Fatigue

Though often neglected, the mental condition of the driver is critical. Stress or fatigue-related issues can lead to distraction and ultimately lead to a dreadful accident. 

Vehicle issues

There are a few incidents where vehicle maintenance is under question. The person owning the vehicle is to be held responsible. The sudden non-functional brakes or gearbox is a nightmarish situation for anyone.

Climatic conditions

We see that there is an increase in road accidents during the start of the rainy season. Some of the main reasons are oil spillage on the roads, potholes due to heavy rains, non-functional signals, etc.

Authorities play a vital role in avoiding accidents that are caused due to Poor Road and lighting conditions, Stress and fatigue, Vehicle issues, etc. Strict norms and regulations should be imposed on the business owners for vehicle conditions and driver’s mental and physical state.
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Few prechecks from the Authority can help decrease the occurrence of accidents:

  • CCTV coverage of the accident-prone areas
  • Monitoring signals 
  • Alcohol monitors 

Though there are many other reasons for road accidents, and there are lawyers for safeguarding the rights and compensation of the victims, the mental and physical trauma and, in some cases, death cannot be compensated. But the compensation can help you financially and decrease the burden on you.

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