Concussion From a Truck Accident

Getting injured in a truck accident is an unpleasant situation.
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A person should stay aware of the consequences of a truck accident and possible outcomes and remain safe when driving near a truck. 

Being injured in a truck accident by a negligent truck driver and sustaining brain injuries may require you to opt for several medical procedures. You may not get back to work or require 24/7 care for all basic needs. Fortunately, you can get compensation for injuries, damages, lost wages, and more if you file a truck accident claim under the guidance of an Ontario truck accident lawyer

What is a concussion?

A concussion is a traumatic brain injury that occurs after encountering an intense blow on the head with a heavy object in an accident. After getting an impact, the sudden jerking movement of the head will release chemicals that disbalance normal functioning and may cause damage to the brain cells.

Signs that you may have a concussion from a truck accident. 

A concussion does not have specific signs. Even a headache may indicate a concussion.
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However, the most common symptoms have been mentioned below:

  • Intracranial pressure increases. 
  • Hormonal disbalance. 
  • Blurred vision. 
  • High sensitivity to light and sound. 
  •  Problems related to memory or concentration.

Can you seek compensation for a concussion from a truck accident?

You can hold the negligent truck driver responsible for your injuries and demand compensation for all the expenses caused due to the accident.
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Unlike other injuries, a concussion does not have a test to prove a victim has a concussion. However, experts use a combination of physical and mental examination to check whether s victim is suffering from a concussion or not. Moreover, a concussion victim shows dangerous signals of a concussion-like slurring of speech, decreased coordination, weakness, and numbness. 

If you have been diagnosed with a concussion that resulted from a truck accident in Ontario, you are entitled to compensation from the negligent party. 

Take help from a lawyer! 

Like a doctor’s job is to take care of their patients and give them the best treatment possible, in the same way, a lawyer’s job is to get their clients compensation for their injuries and damages. 

Without the guidance of a lawyer, things can get complicated, as collecting a lot of evidence, preparing eyewitnesses, and more can be difficult if you proceed alone. Moreover, their expertise and understanding of the law are precious in truck accidents.

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