Essential Payment Gateway Features for your Online Store

Online shopping in India is experiencing an upsurge partly because you choose the digital marketplace for purchases and partly because the ongoing pandemic has confined you to your residence. The new guidelines and social distancing protocol have made online shopping an essential activity in your daily life.

The established eCommerce establishments have thrived, and countless tiny business outfits are forced to shift gear exploring the digital ecosystem to reach vast audiences to stay relevant. But at times, a suspicion lurks about the digital payment’s safety when you part with financial information at the retailer.

The story behind hassle-free online shopping

Have you ever wondered how your shopping experience is seamless in a fast and secure environment? The essential element of a successful digital venture is providing a safe and quick checkout point to meet your demand for a safe payment option tailored to your preferences.

It is possible when the merchant engages a service provider to integrate the business software with an online payment gateway to process the transaction. Let us learn more about it.

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What is an online payment gateway?

The payment gateway is a technical application forming the front-end of the digital payment system process while bridging the merchant’s site with your financial source to complete the transaction. So, you get an array of options to pay digitally during the checkout.
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Therefore, the merchant chooses the best payment processor from among the many in India like  Zaakpay.

The payment gateway is the critical solution for delivering a seamless buyer’s journey. That brings us to the critical question of what essential features you must look for in an online payment gateway.

Essential Elements to Look for in Your Store’s Payment Gateway

The critical features to help revamp your marketplace while engaging the best online payment gateway are listed below.

  • Flexible Login Options:

Your customer’s shopping journey begins on the right note if you provide for purchases as a guest rather than registering to open an account with you. It is particularly true for first-time visitors.
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One can always sign up subsequently on a repeat of the first experience that is worth recalling. The customer’s comfort can be further heightened with the offer to log in using social media profile credentials like Facebook, Twitter, or even their Google account.

  • Secure Sockets Layer Certification:

Many customers are wary of parting with their payment information. However, you can create a safe environment and a secure ambiance by obtaining an SSL certificate for your online eCommerce store. It is a standard security technology that protects the customer’s personal and payment information by securing the data flow between the web server and the browser keeping it private.

Data encryption and other security protocols on a payment gateway like Zaakpay, insulate the customer’s sensitive information from fraud. In addition, 3D and OTP verification is the extra security layer to prevent misuse.

Payment Diversity:

Your customer is at ease if the payment options at checkout are ample to suit every individual preference. Therefore, your online payment gateway must provide options to accept credit, debit, prepaid cards, bank transfers, and even Cash on Delivery (COD). In addition, a digital payment system accepting QR Code, UPI, and Wallets, besides Pay Later, is a comprehensive platter for payment.

It is pertinent to mention that credit card logos at the checkout and shopping cart page reassure the customer about the site’s trust to transact business.

  • Return and Refund Policy:

A robust return and refund policy is a critical element in the online shopping business, and all payment gateways incorporate the provisions to build the brand’s trust. A free and no-questions-asked policy is the right recipe to boost your business site’s brand and attract an upswing of shoppers. Moreover, quick refund processing increases your brand’s value and, in turn, ensures customer loyalty.

Thus, you must verify the transparent, hassle-free, and quick return and refund policy provision before committing.

  • Customized Express Checkout:

The entire shopping journey finally rests with the efficient checkout options created by the payment processor. In addition, a customer enjoys staying in the parent site rather than being directed to another. Thus, the page can be designed in the brand’s theme colors to lend a distinctive flavor.

The best checkout experience is functional, efficient, fast, and secure for a pleasant shopping outcome.

  • Confirmation Page:

You relate with your customer better when you display the purchase details on the confirmation page designed to hold vital information. Thus, you can review the purchase before initiating the final transaction. In addition, you can modify the shopping cart, check your shipping and billing addresses, the invoice details, including the payable taxes, and the tentative delivery date.

The customer completes payment modalities when the confirmation page is accepted.

  • Confirmation Mail:

The purchase process is sealed when payment is successful. The confirmation mail is transmitted instantaneously, containing the order number, payment details, shipping information, and the brand’s return and refund policy.

Usually, the “no-reply” confirmation mail appears impersonal. However, you can consider a formal email address to personalize the relationship. Finally, the communication ends with the print option and a request to the guest customer to sign up and open an account as the parting shot.

Bottom Line

While setting up your online store is exciting, all the information about partnering with a payment gateway may be daunting. Choosing a suitable payment processor, like Zaakpay, is crucial to customize your business goals aligned with customer comfort. However, meticulous planning covering all the elements can be a rewarding experience, significantly leveraging a payment solution to meet the customer’s demands.

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