How To Manage Data Coming Through Your Call Center

It’s no exaggeration to say data is everywhere you look these days. We live in a time where consumers drive the economy, and businesses are willing to pay exorbitant amounts of money on customer service and business tools to deliver actionable insights into everything from customer interactions to agent productivity.

Call centers are among the biggest data consumers there are. After all, customer service is all they do, and it’s their job to build strong relationships between companies and their customers. However, many call centers fall short of customer expectations because they don’t have the necessary tools and strategies to maximize their data and provide unique customer experiences. That’s why we’ve put together a short guide to help your contact center better manage all its data.
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Continue reading to get some tips to help you manage all the data coming through your call center.
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Use a master data management platform to ensure data quality and governance.

One of the challenges contact centers face when dealing with massive amounts of data is ensuring data quality. After all, it makes sense that the more data a company consumes, the more and better tools they’ll need for data management.

TIBCO’s master data management products are great for businesses of all sizes. TIBCO EBX is a data management platform that provides the scalability for small businesses wanting to grow and the comprehensiveness large enterprises need for data governance and optimal functionality. Enterprise data is complex because you have many different types of master data and metadata, and you need to provide governance to ensure data quality and safety for all of it. If this sounds like your call center, EBX is the business tool you’ve been waiting for.

Implement contact center software to open more communication channels.

Some call centers have the problem of not getting enough data to provide actionable insights. For those call centers, we suggest opening more communication channels. Bright Pattern’s cloud contact center is the only truly omnichannel call center software. It enables customer support and sales teams to communicate with customers using digital channels like social media and live chat.

Furthermore, omnichannel routing ensures callers and web surfers can switch between channels without having to jump to the back of the call queue or restart their customer journey after switching between channels. Contact center software will improve your customer service and provide more data sources, enabling you to get better analytic insights. Also, like TIBCO EBX, Bright Pattern call center software solutions can be tailored for businesses of all sizes.

Use data virtualization to make data management more efficient.

One of the challenges call centers often run into is finding ways to make use of their disparate data from varying data sources. They used to have to manually implement extract, transfer, and load (ETL) processes to integrate data or clean it for analytics, but data virtualization has changed that for the better.

Data virtualization tools make data management more time- and cost-efficient by relying on automation to complete the bulk of the work. Virtualization mitigates the need for data movement, making data integration, discovery, and analytics simpler than ever. Data virtualization tools come in the form of middleware that, among other things, enables data engineers to create a data federation or warehouse to provide quick and easy access to business intelligence.
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Call centers are the bedrock of customer service for the companies they serve. Moreover, they consume tons of customer data, enabling them to get valuable insights. Using a data management platform to ensure data governance and quality, integrating CRM and other data sources, and creating a data warehouse and data pipeline are some of the many ways you can maximize your business intelligence and customer data. With industry-leading call center solutions and data management tools, your company has no limits.

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