Some Best Traits of an Effective Team Leader

Okay, so Louis Farrakhan was a leader. So was Martin Luther King Jr.; what’s my point? My point is that the former leader was jeered by many as being somewhat fake, while the latter has been admired the world over many decades after he died. Yes, Martin Luther King Jr. was a better leader than Louis Farrakhan because he had certain traits. You are about to find out what those were.

Deborah Morrish Toronto is an effective team leader and a successful former educator in Toronto, Ontario.

  • Never Stop Developing

You may have heard of the phrase, “you should never stop learning.” Well, while this applies to any leader, the concept of continual self-development in terms of personal improvement is even more important.

Deborah Morrish has earned several certifications and two master’s degrees that allowed her to succeed throughout her career and improve her leadership skills. So what is personal improvement anyway? Personal improvement involves developing and improving upon your emotional intelligence like interpersonal and intrapersonal skills so that you can relate to and communicate with others better.

From the leadership standpoint, personal improvement also refers to taking constructive criticism and feedback to heart but viewing it objectively. Average leaders will become great and effective only if and when they do this.

  • Focus on Others

No one values a self-absorbed person. People value and gravitate towards those who value being others and care about their welfare. Therefore, if you are a leader, you must develop others’ skills and traits. Once Jack Welch said:

“Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.”

Leaders can also focus on the good and bad qualities from diverse backgrounds with many different personality traits. They can then improve upon the poorer qualities and enhance the good qualities to make these exceptional.

  • Encourage Independent Thinking

Independent thinking can mean thinking and making decisions by yourself. However, it also means thinking differently from the group. Good leaders value both types of independent thinking. It’s because leaders have to get extraordinary results from their followers.

Therefore, they have to think of ways and look at resources that encourage others to think in creative and innovative ways. After all, the best and most useful solutions are not generally found on the beaten path.

  • Moral Values Matter

Yes, leaders are often radical in their actions, words, and thinking patterns. That said, they are sticklers to the law and never do immoral and unethical things. After all, people look up to leaders for inspiration and respect. Leaders will lose both from the masses if they lose their moral values or do illegal things.
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You, too, can become an Effective Leader

Many studies have found that only a third of good leaders’ traits and skills are genetic. That means that the other two-thirds are learned. It also means that anyone can become an effective leader with enough study, time, and sincere practice. That anyone includes you.

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