Get to Know More About Jigsaw Features and Uses

This is a powerful tool used in cutting curves and shapes in wood and non-ferrous metals. Hence, they contain the blade’s sharp teeth that have aided in cutting, providing the best quality. They are portable and used to cut curves at both ends of either wood or metal. Despite that, the jigsaw price in Kenya is very affordable and provide the best quality work.

Uses of a Jigsaw.

They are used in making holes in metals. For a particular pipe to fit, the product is used to cut holes.

It is used to cut carpet since it is very accurate.

They are used in plumbing and mechanical work, such as cutting plastic and PVC tubing.

They are used in cutting both construction timber and thick wood.

Features you Should Acknowledge in a Jigsaw.

Variable speed

According to the jigsaw, if you want to use it, you must check its speed. If you intend to use it to cut timbers, you will be required to use a jigsaw with less rate. However, in case you want to use metal and wood, then you can go for the high variable speed one. The type of material that the item may use depends on the material used.


The higher the power, the more chances of cutting and less energy may lower cutting rates. Also, if you have small machines, then expect to have less power.
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If in case a high work is professional, then you need the powerful engine since it provides high energy.

Orbital process

This type of tool moves up and down when performing the work. Hence high-quality jigsaws have high orbital action why low-quality machines may have low orbital motion. This should make you consider where you want high or low orbital action.

Have a dust collection

They contain a dust blower that helps an individual to cut clean lines from any dirt.


They contain T shank blades that help the work to be done accurately.

Additionally, features.

Despite that, this type of machine also comes with other features, which include the following: have a tool-less blade, have LED light and has a cutting guide.

This feature helps an individual to perform their work effectively and efficiently.
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They can cut hard and thick wood.

They are affordable to users. This makes individuals be able to buy.This tool is efficient in cutting; hence can cut various shapes in a plank of wood.

They are portable, hence makes them easy for an individual to use easily.

 It Disadvantages.

These tools are not flexible to angles.

Their LED light is not inbuilt.

Bottom Line.

In conclusion, this tool is the best brand currently in the market. They offer high-quality work, both individual and professional work. All you need is to choose the best superior quality for your work since the Bosch jigsaw price in Kenya is very pocket friendly.

Hence, it would be best to consider buying since it is found in local companies and online shops. You can consider ordering the item online. The only thing required is to check the quality and performance of the work you want to perform with the tool.

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