How to Tell If You Are Ready to Be a Professional Boxer

The temptation for rising amateur boxers to become pros may be tremendous. Not only do pro boxers have a larger platform and visibility on media outlets such asĀ Next Gen News, but the desire to be compensated for the hours of dedicated training is understandable. On the other hand, turning pro too soon might cut short an otherwise promising career and raise the chance of serious injury.

But how does an amateur know when they are ready to go pro? This blog post attempts to answer that question.
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Amateur Career

Being unbeaten after a large number of amateur battles may appear to be a strong signal of your preparation for professional fights. However, this is heavily dependent on the ability level of the amateurs you are up against. Furthermore, the amount of amateur fights a boxer should have before going pro varies greatly from fighter to fighter. In certain situations, a boxer may just compete in a few bouts before going professional, while others may compete in at least a dozen. In any case, the competition’s skill level will have a more considerable influence on your preparedness for the professional ring than the number of matches.

Coach’s Thoughts

The opinion of your instructors or trainers is an essential guideline to follow when choosing if you are ready to get pro. Assuming your coach has the qualifications and expertise to guide you properly, you should trust his judgment in determining whether you are prepared to compete professionally. This may necessitate some patience on your side. Working with a coach you don’t trust and who has the skills to lead you properly is a waste of both your and your coach’s time.

Preparation and Licensing

If you’re thinking about becoming a pro, you should look for opportunities to spar with proven professional fighters. These opportunities should be put up for you by your coach. As you improve your ability to spar with accomplished professional boxers, you will be better prepared for real professional battles. Once you and your coaches have agreed that you are ready to pursue a professional boxing career, you must apply for a professional boxing license with your state’s athletic commission.

Other Things to Think About

Once you’ve decided to fight as a professional, you’ll never be able to participate as an amateur again. As a result, you should make sure that you are well prepared to make this move.

Furthermore, the lack of headgear and additional padding at the professional levels elevates the stakes of every blow thrown and received. This can make professional battles simpler for power fighters; conversely, it can make professional bouts more difficult for point fighters. You have no options if you make the professional leap too soon and find yourself out of your depth. As a result, before becoming a pro, it is best to err on the side of patience and prudence.

Power and Endurance

You can’t win every battle with a knockout blow in the first round. You must have the stamina to stay upright and navigate around your opponent until the last bell rings. This amount of energy and endurance, on the other hand, is difficult to come by. Aside from regular training, accomplishing this requires a lot of strength and cardio workouts for boxing fans who want to withstand the physically demanding nature of the sport.

While aerobic workouts will help you keep up with your opponent, strength training will help you develop muscles that protect your critical organs and improve your punches. Proper aerobic conditioning is also an essential element of boxing. Having too much of something is never a good thing. Muscles are beneficial to boxers, but too much muscle adds weight without providing any substantial benefits.

Technical Skills

Technical boxing is one of the most violent boxing methods. This style’s followers don’t waste their time on unsuccessful tactics. Instead, they enter the ring with a strategy and a goal in mind. Their movement is deliberate, their punches are pinpointed accurate, and their reactions are lightning quickly.

Despite their power, they rely on skill and planning to be very successful. As an aspiring professional, you must expand your technical knowledge to compete with the best in the ring, especially if they have an advantage in strength and toughness.


Behind every successful boxer is an experienced trainer who knows what they’re doing. To become a professional boxer, you must first find a good coach to help you along the way. Coaches not only monitor your physical growth as a boxer, but they also construct balanced training schedules, offer dietary advice, explain boxing techniques, and expose you to a variety of opponents and circumstances.
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They have to prepare you physically, intellectually, and emotionally by utilizing their experience in the sport.


Professional boxers must have a license, but amateur boxers may or may not need one, depending on the state. Of course, the standards vary per state, but there are a few fundamental ones. First, you must fill out an athletic commission license application, and then you must pass a physical test to determine whether or not you are physically ready to fight. You must also submit any documentation needed by your state’s athletic commission. Last but not least, the commission may request that you undergo a battery of further tests, including moral character, blood work, and drug testing. This is a standard component of the procedure in many jurisdictions.

Getting Through a Drug Test

As a professional boxer, you’ll need to stay clean since drugs, particularly performance-enhancing substances, harm the sport’s integrity and image. You may be forced to submit to a blood or urinalysis test for drugs and banned substances before any event. Many states require candidates to submit to a drug test even before they are licensed. You will be held accountable and penalized if evidence of drug use is detected in your system, on your person, or as a result of your attempt to hide evidence of drug use.


Once you know where to begin, the road to becoming a professional boxer becomes far less complicated. Nonetheless, while being easy and uncomplicated, it is a long and challenging path. Before you take the plunge, make sure this is truly what you desire. When things get bad, nothing but your determination will carry you through. Therefore you must be honest with yourself about your objectives.
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