The Top 5 Reasons You Should Get a Handheld Shower Head

According to the National Geographic Channel, the average person takes over 28,000 showers per year. Instead of settling for a standard setup and wasting your time, you can switch to a handheld shower head to make the most of your shower experience. The handheld showerheads attach to the wall of your shower using a rubber hose. They can be removed easily to direct the water exactly where you want. These showerheads are a great way to save water and energy, while still maintaining the necessary water pressure to keep you comfortable and clean. These units can be installed just like a regular fixed showerhead without any extensive demo or refinishing.

Are you still not convinced that a handheld spray showerhead is a right choice for your bathroom? Continue reading to discover the top five reasons that a handheld showerhead might be the right upgrade for your bathroom.

1. Keep Your Shower Sparkling

Are you having trouble getting rid of soap scum and mildew from your shower walls? John Bridge tile says that a good way to keep your shower looking fresh and clean is to wipe it down between uses. Most families don’t have time to clean their showers after each use. A handheld shower head is an ideal tool to rinse your shower. It’s also easy to reach so you can quickly clean your shower before you go.

A handheld showerhead is a great option if you don’t have the time or the desire to clean the shower every day. These units can be used to quickly spray the walls before you scrub them, and then rinse them clean to restore their tile and grout.

2. You can create a spa-like experience at home

Even the simplest handheld showerheads offer more flexibility and comfort than traditional fixed models. Many handheld units can double as massagers and have multiple settings to create a spa-like environment that suits your needs. You can also use the handheld showerhead for massage therapy in your bathroom after a hard workout.

A handheld showerhead will make your shower more enjoyable by directing water exactly where you want it to. You won’t have to struggle with long hair or find soapy places after the shower is over. They can be used to clean your hair and dry it. To enjoy the best of both, you can simply put your handheld showerhead into its bracket and use it as a fixed showerhead.

3. Pets and children should be kept clean

You don’t have to take your dog to the groomer. Instead, wash your pet at home. A fixed showerhead may not provide enough water pressure to clean Fido, but a handheld unit can concentrate the spray exactly where you need it to remove pet odors.

These handheld showerheads are also a great option for children who can often be overwhelmed by the heavy shower and noise of a regular shower. The handheld shower head gives them the ability to shower on their own, and puts control back in their hands. The handheld showerhead is ideal for children who need some assistance with hygiene. It allows parents to wash and rinse their child’s hair while keeping soap out of the eyes. These units can also be used to wash and water other household items like mini-blinds or plants that are difficult to clean.

4. Water Conservation

Fixed showerheads can waste large amounts of water and money as they shower. A handheld showerhead will direct the water where it is needed, helping to conserve this precious resource. You’ll not only reduce your water bills but also save on the energy needed to heat it. A lot of handheld showerheads have a shut-off switch on the handle that allows you to reduce water consumption. This switch is right at your fingertips, so you can turn the water down or turn it off as you shower or lather.

Low-flow handheld showerheads are available from many manufacturers. They provide the best experience and minimize waste. These units have special aerators that add air to the water spray to increase water pressure and use less water. You can save up to 2,300 gallons per year by choosing one that is less than 2 GPM.

5. Better control for the elderly and disabled

Although handheld showerheads are beneficial for all ages, the technology is most useful for those with limited mobility. Fixed showerheads cannot be adjusted or raised, but most handheld models have a hose that can reach 3 to 6 feet (9 to 1.8 meters) and more. These showerheads are a great option for those who need a shower seat because of injury, arthritis, or any other physical limitations. Handheld showerheads allow seniors and disabled people to shower independently while sitting. A handheld shower head makes it easy for caregivers to bathe patients, bringing water exactly where they need it. These handheld showerheads can be used to bathe elderly or disabled family members.

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