Quintrex 450 Hornet And Brisbane Yamaha Outboards Perfect Combination

If you are a fisherman and looking for a super affordable and small boat, fully loaded with features, then Quintrex 450 Hornet will be the best pick for you. It’s practical and super easy to operate. 

Quitrex has been manufacturing boats in Australia for the past 65 years and their boats give significantly smooth rides. They have innovative design and keep constantly evolving. The Quintrex 450 Hornet is meant to deliver a steady ride. Its quite usable for fishermen to catch fishes in freshwater. Its small in size and high on features. The fishermen of Bass and Bara love to fish on this boat!

What are the features of the Quintrex 450 Hornet?

  • 4.84 m long with 2.3 m beam.
  • Speed upto 90hp
  • Has a 77 fuel tank
  • Weighs 525 kg and 185 kg motor weight
  • 3 mm top sides
  • 4 mm down sides
  • Can carry 4 people
  • Eclipsed V-flared hull technology, gives plain sailing
  • Forked- shape bow to give stability, even while standing in water
  • Front casting platform
  • Easy to use console layout
  • Extra space in cockpit
  • Front casting area has large storage areas to store lots of gears
  • Utilities like tackle box, a livebait tank, marine battery and isolation switch at rear deck.
  • Comes with transducer brackets, extruded side decks, accessory kit, safety gear, anchorwell, lockable rod storage, two pedestal seats and four seat positions.  
  • Can be used to explore estuaries as well as offshore waters

Brisbane Yamaha Outbards a match for Quintrex 450 Hornet

Yamaha has a long history of manufacturing high-quality outboards. By fuitting yamaha outboards in  Quintrex 45 Hornet, the boats will become more powerful. Even being the smallest boat in the Hornet series, this boat is super efficiency and comes handy for fishremen. If you want a baot that’s small in size and high in features, go for  Quintrex 450 Hornet.

At Brisbane, yamaha outboards are available at cheap prices at brisbane yamaha. They are the leading authorised Yamaha outboard service centre in the northside. Apart from that, they sell Quintrex boats at best buy prices. Apart from that, they offer huge discounts on boats and outboards. Make sure to check them out if you live  near Brisbane.


If you are a fisherman looking for a boat which is small in size yet full of amazing features, make sure to check out Quintrex 450 Hornet. It can hold upto 4 people at once and the cockpit comes with extra space. You can use this boat even if fishing alone. You can use it for offshore fishing as well as to explore Bays.  

It is stable, steady and easy to operate. They are even stable in standing water due to Forked- shape bow shape. The eclipsed V-flared hull technology tends to make them sail smoothly in water. 

You can explore estuaries and fish in rivers with this magnificent view. With the fitting of Yamaha outboards, they become more impressive. Brisbane Yamaha sells the cheapest outboards in Brisbane and is the home to Quintrex boats. Contact them to get deals on boats as well as outborads. Also, they offer outboard repair services. 

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