Three Factors to Consider to Determine Whether or Not to Hire an Albert Lea Divorce Attorney

If you are sure about dissolving your marriage, you must determine how to get it done. Will you handle it on your own or hire an attorney for representation? Consulting with an Albert Lea Divorce Attorney can help you get the answers you need. They will advise you on your divorce options and their benefits. Also, they take into account factors to determine the path of divorce that is perfect for your specific situation. These factors include the following:

Will You Pursue an At-Fault Divorce?

When you file a divorce, you must determine a reason for divorcing. In the state of Minnesota, your divorce petition must only state that your marriage has been irretrievably broken down. Thus, there is no need to prove one spouse did something wrong to obtain a divorce in the state. Also, you can cite irreconcilable differences as your reason.

But you can still file for a fault-based divorce in another state. In this type of divorce, you must prove one spouse took part in an activity that resulted in the breakdown of your marriage. The most common grounds for at-fault divorce include alcohol or drug addiction, abandonment, abuse, and adultery. Additionally, this kind of case requires lengthy court resolutions as you and your spouse should give admissible evidence that proves the occurrence of the misconduct and that it’s the reason your relationship must be dissolved. However, before you file a divorce based on fault, consult with an experienced lawyer first to ensure you meet the requirements, prove your case, and whether it can benefit you. 

Does Your Spouse Have Legal Representation?

If you have received the divorce papers from the lawyer of your spouse, consult with an attorney as soon as possible. You will need to be informed about a lot of things to stay compliant with local regulations and state laws. Making even small mistakes on the divorce paperwork can result in unintended consequences or long-term ramifications.
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Since the stakes in your divorce are quite personal and high, you must not try to handle your case against a skilled family lawyer. To level the playing field, you should hire your own attorney to defend your interests. 

Do You Have Kids?

If you and your spouse share minor children, you should decide on both legal and physical child custody. Legal custody includes rights to make decisions about the welfare, health, and education of your children. Meanwhile, physical custody includes where your children will stay whether every parent spends equal time with them or if one parent must be their primary parent. In addition, you must resolve child support issues. The complexities of these matters may be best handled by an experienced lawyer. 

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