What Kinds of Videos Can You Put Your Emails?

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If you’re looking to add video content to your emails, it’s likely that you want to grab your recipients’ attention. Videos are an effective way to communicate more in less time than you could by writing out the same information in text form. Luckily, you can check this site to discover that there are multiple types of videos you can choose from. And by using a simple online video editor, you can create videos for your email effectively.

If you’re looking to stand out from the competition, then videos might be one of the best and most unique ways to do so. People love videos and they love seeing them in their inboxes. But, one problem is that there are different types of videos you can put in your emails. And if you choose the wrong kind, it can lead to poor results.

This guide will help you understand the different types of videos to embed in your emails and why each type can make or break your campaign. Below are four types of videos you can put in your emails.

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Types of Videos to Put In Your Emails

1) Animated Explainer Video

Animated explainer videos serve as a great introduction to your company. They communicate your value proposition and can also serve as an educational tool for users to understand how your product or service works. 

An animated video shows you’re serious about what you do. These types of videos are simple to produce and highly engaging. So they might be a perfect fit for email marketing content.

If you have a strong point of view and are a little design-savvy, then creating your own explainer video is a great option. The best part? There is plenty of room for you to get creative with this type of video. You can also use an online video editor to help with the editing process.  

2) Product Demonstration Video

In a live demo video, you’re recording your screen as you walk through a product or service. Here, you can both display your product and show how easy it is to use. Check out some good software tutorials for an example. 

This kind of video works best if your product requires a bit more explaining. Or, you can also get someone else on camera to explain it.

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With such videos, the customers will be able to see your screen and hear your voice as you lead them through whatever it is they need to do.

3) Live Demo Video

A live demo video is an unedited live video you use to show how your product works. This is different from a screencast, which involves recording your computer screen and manually editing it so that it only captures what you want it to.

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A live demo video doesn’t involve any editing at all: you just show people how to use your product or service. Because such videos capture real reactions, they can be much more effective than sales copy or persuasive arguments in converting viewers into customers.

4) Testimonial Videos

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Most companies already have testimonial videos on their website. They are short clips that detail how happy customers are with your product or service. 

If you don’t have these, then get to work! Video testimonials are a great way to put an end to customer doubts. These videos increase trustworthiness and encourage them to take action. 

You can also easily create professional-looking approval videos for your email campaigns with an online video editor.

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Some Advice Before Making Email Videos With an Online Video Editor



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It’s not just about using animations or videos anymore. 

It’s about bringing your audience to life and making them feel like they are part of your story. If you want to be successful at leveraging video for email marketing, make sure you choose a topic that is relevant to both you and your readership. 

And before you start making your videos, do some research. If you’re not sure what type of video content to create, then check out some examples on Youtube. Knowing what’s out there and why people are using it or not might be a great start in your email marketing strategy. 

Also, try to use multiple types of visuals: videos, images, charts, and graphs. Different elements will create different effects for different audiences; so always test it out. Videos may look great on one type of device but terrible on another. Test your emails to see how they work across multiple devices and be prepared to make tweaks if necessary. 

It’s also helpful to keep up with trends. This way, you can take advantage of new developments in video platforms. Finally, make sure you have the right tool at hand. An online video editor might be your best friend. It allows anyone to create great videos that can be embedded into an email or website with just a few clicks. 

Final Word

There are so many reasons why adding videos to your emails can be a valuable asset. It’s not just about informing your customers; it’s about making them feel like you are speaking directly to them and that you understand their needs. 

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