How to Find the Right Destination for your Group

One of the greatest challenges to booking group travel, for business or vacation, is selecting a destination that will appeal to everyone. While each of us may have our own personal travel “bucket list,” finding consensus among an entire group can be hard.

There’s a wide range of considerations that need to be carefully weighed that will guide your selection of a destination for your group. At the top of the list are budget, seasonality, and the group’s purpose or intended outcome. Also, you will need to understand the commonalties, preferences and possible limitations for your travelers.
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Are your attendees the adventurous types? Or are age, stamina or mobility issues a concern?  Carefully assessing your group’s needs is an essential first step to finding the right destination.

Creating your overall traveler profile is just the first step. There are thousands of online travel websites that will help you to book individual travel, but far fewer that focus specifically on the needs of groups. Travel magazines tend to focus on exotic locales for the high-end leisure traveler.
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  It can be hard to find research on destinations that is specific to travel, and is also unbiased and reliable in order to compare different cities apples-to-apples.
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One new player in the online travel tool arena is
Vindow Software, a travel technology website that caters to groups by offering online RFP creation and hotel sourcing. They have an entire library of destination profiles for different cities around the globe to help you pick the perfect destination without a hotel “sales pitch.” 

Whether you’re looking for an offsite company meeting or a family reunion, doing research before committing to a destination will help you create a trip that creates happy memories for years to come and avoid unforeseen pitfalls.

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