8 unique small business cards ideas to impress your customers

Are you looking for business cards design to impress your business partners?

Do not look any further as we present you 8 unique business cards ideas.

Anyone who is in business knows how important business cards really are. Even if you have great products, its still very easy to fail since no one will know about it unless you introduce your business to them.

1. Playful business card design

This business cards design is a play on words, as what it promises to do for the recipient if they have an interesting business card. The business cards feature information about being creative and original in designs that you can choose from to stand out among other business owners. They also showcase a little message that says “We’ll take you from meh to wow.” If that’s not enough of reason for business owners to get these business cards then I don’t know what is!

2. Thick business card design

Here is another example of how good your business card needs to look, because after all it will be the first thing your customers will see before they hear how your business can change their life! These business cards are designed to look thick, so when your business card is being handed over it looks like you have made a great impression just by the thickness of your business card.
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So this business looked at what makes their business unique and what they could do to really impress everyone that comes in contact with them.

3. Business Card Design for Accountants

This business card design definitely stands out among the bunch because accountants are seen as boring business men (or women) who go about their days looking serious and doing whatever they need to within their office walls when in reality accountants are actually quite friendly people! This business card will soon let customers know that accountants can be fun too! They look lively and playful enough for people to choose them over business owners with business cards that look boring and stuffy.
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4. Business card design with business logo

A business logo is very important for your business because it gives you a brand, where customers will know everything about your business before they talk to anyone from the company or place their first order. You can get Custom notepads as well with your business logo printed on them. This business has taken the time to think outside of the box and give them a modern business logo so that when people see their business card lying around they’ll be drawn to it. After all, what can I say? Everyone likes efficiency!

5. Business cards with beautiful designs on the back

The back of a business card is just as important as the front because you need a way to let your customers reach out to you in case anything happens! You can always leave business cards on tables or counters in restaurants and shops for people to take if they like the business card, but it’s also nice to make sure your business card backs and let customers get information about your business! This business does a great job of giving very detailed information about their business with their business logo and QR code on business card.

6. Business Card Design with Light bulb Idea

This business card is clever because we all know that light bulb ideas come and go and sometimes business owners need more than one of them to succeed (and this business knows that)! By having a little slot for an extra idea means you aren’t stuck without any ideas when you need them most, so it’s good to remember that business owners should always have business cards handy just in case!
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7. Business card design for businesses

This business card is really creative because not everyone can name a business four times without any other words between it! This design must have taken a long time to make since they’re all connected and there’s no white space at the end of any of the “business” words which must mean they used a lot of patience and creativity to think this through. I would say that if you ever find yourself needing such an impressive business card then this might be your best option!

8. Beautiful traditional business card ideas

Looking at these classy and elegant designs reminds me why we need to take the extra time and money to make business cards look classy and unique because to some business owners, business cards say a lot about who they are and how serious they take their business. These business cards certainly stand out from the rest so if you’re looking for business card designs that attract business customers then this is it!


At the end of the business day, business cards do say a lot about business owners and make a lasting impression wherever they go. Because we live in a business-centered world, business cards are the business owner’s instrument to help them connect with other business people and also create business relationships! If you’re in business be sure to get business card designs that help you express your business identity and personality.

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