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Status Punjabi is a free app designed to make sharing Punjabi statuses on social media accounts simple and non-consuming of data.

Punjabi is an Indo-European language commonly spoken in north India and Pakistan, as well as having a large diaspora across the globe.


Status updates can be an excellent way to send messages and show your love and support for friends and family members, while serving as motivational tools to reach goals more quickly. But it’s important to keep the tone positive if you use this technique; otherwise it will become negative quickly, nullifying its benefits altogether.

Status updates in Punjabi are an effective way of connecting with friends and family who speak the language, as it allows you to make new relationships while deepening existing ones. Not only that, but statuses also enable users to improve their language skills by learning everyday phrases and vocabulary in context of everyday conversations; moreover they help one understand more about its culture as well as those who use it.

Status refers to one’s position or standing within society, be it their relative standing in society, possessions owned, feelings at any particular moment etc. Commonly found in English but also found across many other languages with many synonyms; status can also refer to sociology’s concept of “social hierarchy.”


Life can be an unpredictable rollercoaster ride. From one moment to the next, you may feel terrified or exhilarated; yet sometimes that gap doesn’t close no matter how hard we try. Luckily, Punjabi proverbs provide insights to stay motivated.
Here are a few Punjabi quotes to encourage and motivate you through any obstacles in your way. Remember, hard work you put in now will pay off later – turn weakness into effort, laziness into determination, and problems into opportunities – you’ve got this! All it takes is patience and faith for everything else to fall into place. Good luck – and follow us on social media!


Status Punjabi’s messages often feature stunning photos of Punjab, which can be shared as instant messages or posted to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter as status updates or uploaded as wallpapers for download. They come equipped with well-designed editable elements so users can customize to meet their individual needs while being completely free to share among family, friends and coworkers; additional images can even be found by searching “Punjabi Family or Dance.”

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