3 reasons why inpatient substance abuse treatment might be better than outpatient for those with chronic alcoholism

If you find that you are unable to go one day without drinking, you have been consuming alcohol excessively for years, or you binge drink every single time that you drink alcohol, these are all warning signs that something serious is going on. Although you might have tried to convince yourself that you just need “one” drink per day to get through stressful times or for celebrating with friends, the need or urge to have a drink is often a sign of an addict.

If you convince yourself that you are allowed to have multiple drinks to celebrate something happening – be it a friend’s promotion, birthday, or other occasions – this can simply just be an excuse to drink a lot more than you should. People who are addicted to alcohol will make excuses to drink, whether it be something small or something important in their life.
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Avoid alcohol from taking over every waking hour of your day by attending inpatient drug rehab. Those who are suffering from chronic alcoholism will find that they are unable to go without a drink or they are constantly imbibing excessively – avoid alcohol from taking over your life any longer and sign up for inpatient drug rehab to get your life back.

But why should you choose inpatient substance abuse treatment over outpatient treatment? If you are wondering why you need to go live at the facility instead of attending outpatient rehab, there are many benefits to inpatient vs. outpatient treatment for chronic alcoholism:

  • 24/7 support – The first reason that you should go to inpatient substance abuse treatment for chronic alcoholism is so you have 24/7 support. Although this can take a while to get used to – having 24/7 surveillance – the staff will be there to help support and guide you through the tough times. Instead of feeling like you’re getting clean and sober alone, you will constantly have a support system. If you try to do this on your own, you might be alone or have friends/family who try to peer pressure you to drink and relapse. Having staff around you during all points of the day and night is great for when you have the urge to drink again.
  • Counseling – The second benefit of going to inpatient substance abuse treatment vs. outpatient therapy is that you can benefit from individual counseling every day of the week. Instead of just going to therapy a few times a week or once per week, you can always talk to a private counselor who will be able to talk you off the ledge when you are having thoughts of drinking again.
  • Group therapy – The last reason to attend inpatient substance abuse treatment vs. outpatient therapy is that you can go to group counseling meetings every day instead of just going a few times a week. You will be able to meet others in the facility and form relationships and a bond with the other patients who are trying to change their lives.


Are you debating going to inpatient substance abuse treatment or outpatient therapy/? Consider choosing inpatient treatment for those with chronic alcoholism to help give you the support and guidance that you need to get clean and sober!

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