7 benefits of using real estate just sold postcards vs. emails!

Postcards are an effective marketing tool vastly used in the real estate industry. The best way to celebrate a property sale for realtors is by sending just sold postcards. The following are the expected benefits of using just sold postcards vs. emails.

Show your expertise in the industry

Real estate just sold postcards help you show all potential clients how effective your services are. These realtor postcards provide more insight into your capabilities to the target market. Therefore, you are more likely to get new leads by using just sold postcards than using emails.

Create a more personal connection

Putting your picture and that of the house sold on your real estate just sold postcard will help put a face to your business name. People in your target market are more likely to contact you for services because they will feel more connected to you once they see your face.

Have a high readability rate

Most people often ignore emails if they are not related to work, family, or their health. However, a well-designed just sold postcard is hard to ignore. This makes real estate just sold postcards more effective in the real estate business compared to emails. Postcards are also less likely to face spam filters compared to emails.
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This means you are more likely to get more people to read your just sold postcards than emails.

Easy to track

Real estate just sold postcards usually have a special code or message. This makes it easy for recipients to track and return when you have any postcard campaigns. On the other hand, it may be difficult to track emails with specific information that you sent to a large client base.

Create awareness of your business

You may new real estate agent and a just sold postcard will get the word out about your business. If you have been in the business but it has been a while since you sold any property, real estate just sold postcards will help remind the target market of your existence.

The just sold postcards you mail to your target market are more likely to capture the attention of the reader compared to emails. This could help boost your leads and increase your prospects and profits.

Reach a larger market

Real estate just sold postcards are an affordable and effective marketing tool you can use to reach an entire customer base. They make it possible to expand your target from small neighborhoods to big cities.
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Use beginner bulking cycle just sold postcards to get a massive clientele base. This will help improve your chances of connecting with more potential buyers.

Just sold postcards are versatile

Postcards offer numerous options for sizes, layout, and designs. On the other hand, emails have the same design and layout. They are unattractive to read and always have a professional look. You can customize your real estate just sold postcard’s design every time you make a sale to make it more unique and appealing to read.


Numerous benefits come with using real estate just sold postcards. Use these postcards to effectively grow your business today.

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