A trade-off between roll and hard lid for UTE Vehicles

UTE are great vehicles that allow incredible space for carrying your stuff. Whether you are going on a fishing trip, mountaineering experience, or any outdoor adventure, you can easily carry your tools, goods, and camping gear in a UTE.

However, if you want your belongings to be safe and protected from the elements, you need to buy some kind of cover for the open tub at the back. You can choose to buy ute hard lids in Perth or go with a rolling shutter, or a canopy. The choice of the cover is as personal as choosing the vehicle itself.
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You can pick the type of lid based on your preferences and needs. Here is an honest comparison between the two popular types, rollers, and hardcover, to help your decision.

  • Roller lid for UTE vehicles

If you want a hard-to-resist sleek and modern after-market look for your vehicle, rollers can be ideal for you. These lids provide adequate protection from environmental and torrential elements and theft on the go. Here is a breakdown of some essential features.

  • Do I get enough storage with roller lids?

This depends on what is enough for you. Rollers sit inside the tub when installed which is why these do not provide as much space as a canopy would. However, these deliver a similar tub capacity as the hardcover.

  • Are these lids secured for use?

You can get ample protection if you buy from a reputed brand in the industry. While low-quality rollers can be compromised with a knife attack, quality products are hard to break in and save your load from elements.

  • Can I get water-proof roller lids?

Some models tend to collect water after rainfall as they sag. However, good quality shutters are waterproof and ruts-proof and build to combat this problem.

  • How easy are rollers for frequent usage?

This is the biggest plus of roller lids. These are easy to install and remove and give you complete unhampered access to your gear once retracted.

  • Hard-cover for UTE vehicles

Many would agree that a hard lid completes the look of your UTE vehicle. It fits seamlessly into the curves and lines of the vehicle, looks sophisticated, and delivers great protection to the load. Following answers would break it down better for you.

  • Do I get enough storage with hard lids?

If the storage of a canopy is not required, a hard lid is the best cover you can get for your UTE. These lids come with practical accessories with the help of which you can even load a bike or other sports kits on the tray.

  • Are these covers secured for us

Hard lids have an upper hand over rollers when it comes to security. These are mostly made of solid materials that are hard to penetrate.

Modern hard lids are made of strong glass fibers and come with stainless steel hardware which makes them much safer than rollers. With these materials, hardcovers are completely waterproof.

  • How easy are hard lids for frequent usage?

Earlier hard lids used to be heavier.
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But modern models are made of lighter materials such as glass fiber making them lighter and easier to open and close. You can also opt for automated models that can be opened and closed using a level or a button for greater ease.

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