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“Archive,” originally scheduled for its premiere at the South By Southwest film festival, goes on digital release tomorrow. Though its minimalist approach is a far cry from the YA fantasy of “Storm” or “The Hunger Games,” it is director Theo James’ most ambitious film assignment. James’ lone-wolf protagonist carries the film to its eventual conclusion. And even if the film’s plot is somewhat drab, its visual style is striking.
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However, there are some flaws that make the film a lethargic watch. For one thing, it is extremely slow.
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The film moves slowly, allowing for little character development and very few plot twists. The inexplicable aspects of the film are handled so mundanely that they seem trivial. And the ending is confusing, despite adding new meaning to the movie. However, at this point, the film feels a little too long in the tooth.

“Archive” is a well-written and directed science-fiction film. Theo James, Stacy Martin, Rhona Mitra, and Toby Jones star in the film. Director Gavin Rothery’s first full-length feature film was an official selection at the 2020 SXSW Film Festival. It will be available on digital on July 10th. The film is rated R. It features violence and a storyline that is both realistic and disturbing.

While the film is slow and contemplative, it has gorgeous visuals and vibrant emotions.
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Although it lacks a unified story, it has a number of visual echoes of Moon and Westworld. The setting’s specificity is also reminiscent of Duncan Jones’ Moon. In fact, Rothery has many credits as an effects and design artist on Moon. Although many critics have said Archive is lacking in substance, it’s worth a watch.

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