Best Holiday Movies For The Whole Family

An inspiring story about a brave mime on the big screen, and a film adaptation of a teenage detective story about a stolen painting. We have collected the best cinema for kids that you can watch at the cinema with the whole family.

Animal Crackers

Adventure cartoon about saving the circus. Owen’s life was no different from the rest, until his beloved uncle bequeathed to him … a circus. Arriving at the place, Owen discovers that there is no chance of a successful business here, moreover, the project is in danger of ruin, and there are no artists there at all. However, when he opens the box of animal-shaped cookies his uncle gave him, he discovers that it contains real magic.
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This inspiring story is based on true events. In the center of the plot is a young mime from Paris, Marcel Marceau. He dreams of becoming a great theatrical artist, but when the war starts, he cannot stand aside. The hero joins the Boy Scouts and helps Jewish children who have lost their parents find shelter. The main role is played by Jesse Eisenberg.


Science fiction with Colin Farrell, Lily-Rose Depp, and Ty Sheridan. In the near future, a special expedition of 30 girls and boys is recruited. Their destination is space. Their task is to find a new home for the next generations.
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Adventures Exhibit

The hero of the comedy drama Alena Oleinik Pasha has experienced a million adventures. It all started after the sudden disappearance of his father, a modest and harmless museum worker. Pasha goes in search of him and along the way tries to make friends with his enemy and escape from two bandits. The film was created based on the popular teenage detective Ekaterina Sobol “Sage 05”.

Adventures of Rufus: The Fantastic Pet

Adventures in a magical kingdom. On a visit to his grandmother, the boy Scott once meets an unusual and fluffy creature named Rufus. He helps him to save the kingdom, which is on the verge of extinction! Scott and his girlfriend Emily decide to help Rufus and embark on an adventure.
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Ooops! The Adventure Continues

Ooops, The Adventure Continues” Irish family cartoon about the big Flood. Having escaped from death in the ark, the animals wander through the expanses of water, which have no end and edge. They are ready for anything!

Smeshariki, another perfect movie for family cinema is coming out. This time the story is not only about Smeshariki, the Fixies, and the bearded man Bodo Borodo will also appear in the universe of heroes. Together, the characters will explore the mysteries of the past, discuss the Eiffel Tower, and figure out how the autopilot works.

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