The Benefits of Hiring a Sports Right Management Expert

The sports industry, as a combination of games, culture, entertainment, and commercial business, is an ever-growing industry. The role of rights is noteworthy in the sports industry, and they are found in almost every area. Each kind of right, whether copyright, trademark, patent, form an important aspect of the commercial sports industry. Most sports have developed into global sporting events with a massive following, offering huge marketing potential for both the athletes and organizers.

A sports right management expert can help you manage these assets professionally to maximize the commercial benefits. Sports rights management experts can work with sport industry rights holders and intellectual property owners to unlock new revenue and build value – focusing on rights acquisition and exploitation, commercial strategy. Here are some of the benefits of working with a sports-right management expert.


Reputable sports rights management companies such as GUIÓN PARTNERS have several years of experience working with rights holders on the creation, representation, and monetization of commercial rights. These companies have secured tens of millions of dollars in partnership for their clients through a strategic approach to market and commercial forensic rights.
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Further, they have already worked with several rights holders to expand into new territories, identify new revenue streams and assess new ways to drive their brand forward.

Safeguard Your Rights

Sports right management experts can help protect your intellectual property rights from infringement. Registering under respective patents, trademarks and copyrights are not enough. You will always want to get in touch with your sports rights management expert to update your sports rights. Also, if you find that there is someone who is trying to break the law by copying your idea, your sports rights management expert can help figure out the next step to take.

Determine the Value of Your Right

Putting a tag on your right is an important step. Sports right management experts can help you determine the value of what you have with your sports right.
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There are a couple of factors that will be considered – the requirements and costs being the top priority. While you can do the estimate, this can still be a valuable move for you to estimate your right’s value.

Conduct Due Diligence

You can also rely on sports right management experts to conduct due diligence. This involves assessing the quality of assets that are licensed under you. A lot of sports brands also hire sports right management experts for this reason alone. This is because sports rights’ due diligence can help rights owners maximize the value of their assets.
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Choosing a Sports Right Management Expert

If you are looking for a reputable sports right management expert that can help you every step of the way, contact GUIÓN PARTNERS. For several years, GUIÓN PARTNERS has been representing a diverse array of sports facilities and brands, offering support, protection, and promoting the legal and safe access of various sports content. Get in touch with GUIÓN PARTNERS to learn more about how they can help you create new rights and opportunities.

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