Best Preparation Tips to Attempt HPSCB Prelims 2021 Question Paper

The Himachal Pradesh State Cooperative Bank recruits candidates for the post of Junior Clerk every year. The preliminary exam is expected to be held on 21st August 2021. There are a total number of 144 vacancies for the post of junior clerk in 2021.

Aspirants who want to appear for the exam should follow a proper preparation strategy to crack the HPSCB 2021 prelims exam. In this article, you will find some of the best preparation tips that will help you prepare for the exam.

As you already know the exam will be conducted in two phases. The total marks are 100 and the exam duration is 1 hour. Before learning about the best preparation tips, you need to know the exam pattern.

Subjects No. of Questions       Marks      Time
English Language          30          30    20 minutes
Numerical Ability          35          35    20 minutes
Reasoning Ability          35          35    20 minutes
Total         100         100    60 minutes


Since there are negative marks for every wrong answer the candidates need to prepare properly for each topic in detail.

Subject 1– First, you can begin with the English language section.

Best tips for the preparation of the English Language section

There has been a huge change in the pattern and level of the English language section over the years. Therefore, this section is considered the deadliest. The students try to escape from this section as much as possible. However, if you start your English language preparation early, you can score well in this section.

  • First, you need to go through all the grammar rules from a standard English book. There are two parts to English. These are comprehension/ vocabulary and grammar.
  • Try to practice as many questions as possible and don’t try to learn new rules at this time.
  • To increase your vocabulary, instill a habit of reading newspapers and magazines daily. In addition, make a note of the new words that you learn every day.
  • Keep repeating this habit regularly and revise the words that you have learned to remember for a long time.

Subject 2- Secondly, you can prepare for the next topic that is numerical ability.

Best tips for the preparation of the Numerical Ability section for HPSCB Junior clerk preparation.

This section is considered the most difficult section. However, a proper strategy and a good amount of practice can help you clear your concepts. First, you need to clear the concepts and learn methodologies for some basic 2- 3 chapters. Then you can understand other chapters that are based on the same concept of these fundamental chapters.

  • You need to memorize tables up to 30 and revise regularly
  • Learn cube roots up to 20 and square roots up to 50.
  • Learn conversions up to 1/25 for a percentage to fraction and vice versa.

Try learning inherent concepts of chapters such as ratio and proportion, average, and percentage. This helps solve questions from other chapters as well. Like problems from arithmetic chapters and data interpretation. After that, learn maths tricks and shortcuts that will help you in faster calculation, approximation, and simplification.

Subject 3- The Best HPSCB preparation strategy or tips for the final subject that are Reasoning ability is as follows-

The reasoning ability section focuses more on imagination power and practice rather than remembering formulas. Here, the examiners are trying to check your common sense and wit in the examination hall. Therefore, presence of mind and practice can help you score well in this section. As this is an important section, you need to score well to pass the HPSCB preliminary exam.

There are few shortcuts that you can learn for this section. These shortcuts can only be learned if you practice more. More practice will help you score well in this section.

  • Learn the concepts of order and ranking, blood relation, direction sense, inequality, and syllogism.
  • Try to attempt several sectional tests.

As this is a test of common sense and imaginary power. Read the questions thoroughly in the exam so that you don’t miss out on any points.

Best tips to attempt Himachal Pradesh State Corporative Bank Junior Clerk 2021 Exam 

As you already know the subject wise preparation tips for the HPSCB exam here are some brief tips that can guide you for the overall preparation-

First, start with difficult topics and then proceed toward an easier one. This will help you save time during the final stages of your preparation. Focus equally on speed and accuracy while solving mock test papers. In addition, you should work on increasing your speed by keeping a timer with you to solve problems.

During the first few hours of the day, try to recall all the previous day’s difficult questions and concepts. This is known as a brainstorming session. Also, keep a track of important data like percentile, accuracy, and number of attempts.

There are many mock tests to help you with HPSCB exam preparation online. You can start by solving these and then continue solving questions that are given in books. Therefore, revise all the important topics at least twice before the exam.


In this article, you have learned about the best tips for the preparation of the HPSCB Prelims 2021 Exam. Remember practice, revision and proper rest between studying hours is your mantra for cracking any exam. Try to remain focused and rest properly to keep the concepts and formulas fresh in your mind. Stay Connect with Education Blogs

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