Filing For Compensation In A Bus Accident 

When you get hurt in a car accident due to someone else’s fault, it is usually easy to determine fault.
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However, bus accidents are a bit different. Accidents involving buses can be devastating because of the vehicle’s size and weight.
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If you were in a bus accident, chances are you have incurred severe injuries. 

Dozens of people get into bus accidents every day and get confused about who they should sue to seek compensation for their injuries. If you are in a similar situation, consult an Atlanta injury lawyer

Who is liable for my injuries in a bus accident?

Different parties can be liable depending on who owns the bus you were traveling in. If the bus has a municipality logo on it, it is most likely managed by the municipality, and they are liable for your damages. Filing a claim against the municipality can seem challenging and time-taking, but it benefits you in the long run. 

The municipality usually has insurance coverages for bus accidents that meet your damage requirements. Your attorney can help you reach a reasonable settlement with the insurance company without having to take your case to court. 

Most severe bus accidents include private buses. When you get involved in a private bus accident, you can directly file a claim against the bus company. If the company is large, you could be in for a lengthier legal battle than you would be with a public transportation bus. 

Bus driver negligence

When bus drivers engage in careless behavior and cause an accident, it is known as bus driver negligence. Negligent acts like speeding, drunk driving, distracted driving, running signs, aggressive driving, driving while fatigued, etc., can lead to catastrophic accidents. 

Bus drivers need to follow a schedule to reach their destinations on time. Therefore, they are constantly under pressure to move passengers from one location to another. This often leads to speeding and reckless driving, resulting in accidents. 

Third-party lawsuits

It is possible that the bus driver or company had no fault, and the accident occurred due to the negligence of another vehicle. If another party is involved, you may file a third-party lawsuit seeking compensation for your medical injuries and other damages. 

Accidents also happen due to mechanical errors in the vehicle. If the bus company failed to keep up with the vehicle’s maintenance, which led to the accident, they are wholly liable.
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If the vehicle malfunctioned due to errors in the manufacturing process, you might sue the manufacturer in this case. 

As you can see, multiple parties can be held liable in a bus accident, and it is important to determine which party is at fault so you can start with the claims process. An attorney can investigate the case and determine the parties at fault. 

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