When you sell gold online to gold buyers, it makes sense. They can achieve higher volumes, lower overheads, and lower margins.

Hence, they can pay you more for your gold. But is it worth taking that risk to send your valuable via mail for extra payment, and is it safe? The short answer is yes, and here is why.

Gold Buyers Online Use Trusted Shipping Companies

When you mail gold or other valuables, you will find it extremely safe. As gold buyers online handle thousands of transactions, they can tell you that your package will arrive efficiently from point A to B.

In addition, many gold dealers use UPS or FedEx as they have an excellent reputation with outstanding execution delivering goods safely and on time.

Whether you choose a prepaid or padded package service, you can keep track of it by downloading the free shipping company label. The important thing is to pack it safely for them to receive it as you sent it. On the other hand, even if you are not happy with the offer, the gold buyer will ship it back safely.

Your Package is Insured

Still, if you are worried that your gold jewellery will get lost in the mail, do not fret. All packages are insured for up to $500, and you can have it insured for the full value of your gold or other valuables. You can request an increase at any time. The same applies when returning it to you if you do not accept the offer.

Everything is Handled Discreetly

All labels on the packages are discreet when you send your gold jewellery for evaluation. The only thing you notice on the label is the protecessing centre name and the address with a nondescript mailer. This is done as extra security to keep your valuable safe.

You Can Send Your Gold From Anywhere

The best part is selling gold jewellery using a mailing service you can do from anywhere. If you want to avoid going to a pawn dealer, gold for sale online is a great alternative. Using a gold mailer means sending your valuable utilising a shipping company to schedule a pick up at your home.

Consider a Gold Mail Service with a Gold Buyer

When strapped for cash, selling gold jewellery to a gold dealer online is excellent for getting money. You need not leave your home as it offers you convenience as they know how to price your gold. Moreover, they will separate the different metals into a single piece to appraise the gold purity and a gemstone.

This allows them to give you a precise value of your gold jewellery and valuables. As a result, what do you think? How safe is it to sell gold online? Why not give it a try and find out for yourself. If you still feel unsure, you can always send a gold buyer an email or contact them by phone before you start.

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