Which Dumbbell Set Is Best For Beginners? ( 2021 Updated Answers)

Hey there, did home workouts ever cross your mind? If you are a health-savvy person, you must have given some thought to it. Even if you’re new to this territory, a set of dumbbells is something that you must give some thought to in order to stay healthy these days.

This is why I brought you some well-researched insights to recognize the best dumbbell set for beginners in the below article. We’ll talk about all the basic dumbbell set sizes from 10 lb to even 60lb dumbbell sets. Trust me, reading through this is gonna be a valuable investment of your time. Thank me later.

Things To Decide Before Choosing A Dumbbell Set As A Beginner

As a beginner, you need to determine a few things before leaping to buy a set of dumbbells:

  • Deciding The Purpose – you have to choose which purpose you are going to use these dumbbells for. A dumbbell can be used for various purposes, such as weight loss, fat loss, muscle gain, stamina gain, etc.
  • Estimating Your Budget – Deciding how much money you are willing to invest in your workout equipment is a crucial thing to do before making the purchase. After all, the quality of the equipment boils down to their price.
  • Mapping The Physical Capacity – you must have a sound idea of how capable your body already is. If you are a physically strong-built person, chances are that you won’t have to go below 20 lb and easily can reach the 60lb dumbbell set limit. Whereas if you are physically average-built, you may have to start from 10 lb sets.

Choosing Dumbbell Sets As A Beginner

To choose the best dumbbell set for beginners, we advise following the below guide:

For Building Muscle:

  Males Females
Instruction: For men, anywhere between 5lb to 60lb dumbbell sets is good enough for efficiently targeting certain muscle areas and developing them.


It is better to start from 5lbs and slowly work your way to the 50lbs limit.

As for women, we recommend a set of dumbbells between 3 to 12lbs for someone who has never handled dumbbells before.


We advise the same rule as before; gradually reaching the upper limit starting from the lower sets.





For Strength Gaining

  Males Females
Instruction: For those men who want to focus on strength training, it is best to Target big lifts and compound lifts for employing multiple muscle groups.


In general, 30 to 60 lbs are suitable for squats, 30 to 70 lbs for deadlifts, 15 to 30 lb for military press, and 20 to 40 lbs are perfect for bench press.


For women with an aim for strength training, we recommend 10 to 20 lbs for military press, 20 to lbs for deadlift, 20 to 40 lbs for squats, and 10 to 25 lb for bench press.



For Weight Loss:

  Males Females
Instruction: In order to lose weight, men should have a set of 10 lb dumbbells and a 20 lb set as a beginner.

For the purpose of losing weight, you have to focus on compound exercises with your dumbbells, such as DB thrusters, glute bridge chest press, etc.

If you’re a woman who wants to lose weight, we recommend having a 5 lb and 10 lb dumbbell set.


We discourage isolation exercises for weight loss. Instead, we advise doing compound exercises.



Selecting Dumbbell Sets For An Advanced Person

If you are someone who has been at this for quite a time and now you want to move to an advanced level, we recommend that you follow that below guidelines:


Males Females

For men, a standard 60lb dumbbell set is usually good enough for any mode of training.

But if you want to go even further, you can go ahead and try out anything between 70 to 100 lb. Just be cautious in the process of doing so.

If you’re an advanced woman, 30 to 40 lbs standard dumbbell sets ought to do the job for you.


With those, you can conduct big lifts and deadlifts in this weight range and achieve your goal without facing any difficulties.



last words

After reading the guidelines above, It might seem easy to choose the right dumbbell for yourself. But in actual reality, choosing the right dumbbell set for your goals is a complex process.

You are the only person who knows which set is suitable for you. Using the guidelines above and your gut feelings, we are confident that you’ll be able to choose the best dumbbell set for you. Good luck. See ya!!

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