IFX Broker Bonus

FKS Broker 100% registration bonus is offered to beginners or novice traders. Finding a reliable list of bonuses for registering IFKS brokers, whether local or international, can be a daunting process, especially finding a complete list from trustworthy sources. This article will help give you a detailed overview of this regulated Forex business registration bonus to help traders make the best decisions.

Sign-up bonus

IFKS Brokers will offer a registration bonus, also known as a welcome bonus, to all new clients who choose to sign up for an actual account. This broker bonus is offered as a 100% deposit bonus. These bonuses are often the best way for brokers to attract new clients when they sign up for the right account. These bonuses often depend on the amount deposited by traders, considering that a minimum amount is always accepted.

Conditions for IFX sign-up bonus

 In order to qualify for the IFX broker bonus, the following conditions are to be kept in mind:

Clients must open an IFKS Brokers Holdingscompany account under an account opening agreement and must be at least 18 years of age or of legal age. There is no time limit for meeting the bonus amount requirement.
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Upon reaching the required amount, the customer has three months to claim the bonus. If this is not done within the above deadline, the customer will not be able to receive the bonus.

The maximum amount that can be activated in this prize is 1000 USD / 14000 South African rand and is limited to 1 current account.

Bonuses are only available for foreign currency accounts and do not include index trades, US and UK equities, gold and oil trades.

Referral bonus

Referral bonuses allow traders with certain brokers to refer their “friends” to the broker, earning higher rewards. When this referral causes a friend to sign a real account, the trader will be compensated by the broker. As a kind of referral bonus, clients of IFX brokers can participate in broker referral schemes where participants receive discounts when sent to newcomers. This program can be used by anyone who wants to become an IB.

Account types and deposit spreads

Several IFX trading accounts are tailored to your needs and each account is designed to meet your basic needs. They do offer several live trading accounts, but at the same time, they also support novice traders with their IFX demo account. Both IFX standard and IFX VIP accounts have a leverage ratio of 1: 500, which is quite impressive.

For IFKS Standard accounts, the minimum deposit is on average $100. The difference starts at 2 pips in EUR / USD and is slightly higher. The minimum deposit for the IFKS VIP account is $ 20,000. Deposit and payment procedures are based on the type of account. Completion of the process also depends on the payment method you choose. Bank transfer usually takes longer than other payment methods.
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All in all, IFX broker is a trustworthy broker that provides a beneficial bonus to its new customers. With excellent features and exceptional customer service, it is one of the best choices you can make.

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