Melasma Skin problems

Melasma is a problem that bothers many people. Melasma doesn’t have to occur only on sensitive skin ผิวแพ้ง่าย , but it can happen to everyone. And if it happens, it will make you feel insecure. And as a result, it takes a long time to put on makeup before leaving the house. or apply a thick foundation to cover the blemishes on the face


found in women more than men which looks like a brown lump on the skin in a position exposed to sunlight and is often found on the surface more often than other areas especially the cheekbones and forehead If the fabric has sharp edges and is brown Show that the ceiling is shallow is in the epidermis layer, on the other hand, if the fabric has unclear boundaries and the color of the fabric is more gray or bluish (According to the principle of reflection of light) indicates that Melasma is located in the deeper layers of the skin. which is the dermis layer


The main reasons that provoke melasma Or make the melasma darker, namely sunlight, heat from the stove and hormones will be noticed that those who take oral contraceptives or those who are pregnant. From never being a cloth, it may be cloth. or if there is already a cloth It may be darker. caused by the influence of hormone levels changed


  1. The main treatment is topical medication and proper sun protection.
  2. Complementary treatments such as chemical peeling, laser and IPL, how effective is it and what are the negative effects? Please allow me to explain as follows.
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main treatment

The use of topical medications such as hydroquinone (Hydroquinone), arbutin, acelaic acid, vitamin C, soy protein. Mulberry and Mulberry extracts Vitamin A derivatives AHA acid is the main treatment. When applied regularly, melasma will gradually fade by acting through mechanisms such as inhibiting melanin production. the transmission of pigment up to the skin above Exfoliating the existing pigment to come off faster. However, you should take care of your facial skin by cleaning your face with cleansing foam โฟมล้างหน้า thoroughly because if you have applied sunscreen and can’t wash it all, besides stressing about blemishes, you may be stressed about acne as well.

side effects

Medicines to treat melasma that are classified as a control drug. For example, hydroquinone must only be prescribed by a doctor in a healthcare setting if used for a long time and not under medical supervision. will cause permanent melasma Which medically called “Ochronosis” (Ochronosis), which is very difficult to treat. or in some cases may be incurable in the past found Hydroquinone has been illegally used in cosmetics that claim to whiten the skin. which negatively affects the user

certain melasma medications There may be steroids added. To reduce irritation from potentially irritating mixtures such as hydroquinone and vitamin A, these drugs should be used only for a short time under the supervision of a physician.

At present, steroid substances are mixed into white face creams, bouncy face creams, and are sold in beauty salons. some hospitals as well as in the online world claiming to instantly whiten skin which resulted in negative consequences and difficult to fix and maintain In the first period after applying a cream containing steroids may whiten the skin But will find that there are many other side effects such as acne, thin skin, capillaries occur. a red rash from the skin being exposed to steroids and when you stop using the cream Your face will turn red and you have to use it again. And then the acne and capillaries came back up again. The skin is thinner again. It’s a cycle that is difficult to maintain.

complementary treatment

1. Chemical peeling

This is to apply acid to the skin in the desired area of ​​treatment. To exfoliate the melasma in the epidermis layer to fall off and also to enhance the therapeutic effect of topical melasma treatment as well. which peeling the skin with chemicals This should be done in a hospital setting. Due to the high concentration of acid used if lack of caution may result in scarring due to the chemical reaction entering the skin that is too deep or black marks after inflammation The acids used for peeling the skin are as follows:

– AHA acid : will not cause flakes Can be applied all over the face to make the skin look more radiant

– TCA acid : is applied topically for topical peeling. in the area with a blemish It is a peeling of the skin in the deeper layers. After the treatment, black scabs will form, which the scabs usually peel off within 1 week.

2. Using a laser or IPL

This treatment is not recommended in the first place. because the treatment effect is not clear which is different from using a laser to treat freckles because if the power is not set properly And treating it too often can have lasting side effects. such as black cloth

The treatment of melasma with a Q Switch type laser several times in a row. By setting the power to low, there will always be white spots. No scabs after treatment But there is a Q-Switch laser to treat melasma. resistant to standard treatment But should not be treated too many times. because of the black-brown blemish Will become black-brown mixed with white specks. When you look at it, you will find that the skin is not smooth. Even worse, it may look worse than before. These side effects are medically known as Confeti Leukoderma, which are difficult to treat. Or it may be incurable at all.

“Melasma” cannot be completely cured. But if treated properly until the melasma has faded, beautiful and beautiful is satisfactory. If exposed to a new wave of sunlight The faded blemish will then return to a darker color again, without any guesswork.
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not true


  • Proper sun protection, such as applying sun protection products with an umbrella. Wear a hat and sunglasses, otherwise the standard treatment will fade away. It will come back stronger again.


  • Take medications for melasma such as glutathione, transamin, or inject high doses of vitamin C into the body. which is not a standard treatment The treatment effect is temporary. It may not be worth the side effects that occur inside the body such as arteriosclerosis. as well as may affect the internal organs that have pigment such as the retina


Products that help reduce dark spots or dark spots on the face. Can it help treat melasma?


Maybe some help. but depending on the components or the active ingredient of each product however Commercially available cosmetic products tend to be slower than those listed as drugs.

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