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Must-Have Social Media Management Tools to Boost Your Conversion

Managing social media channels isn’t easy. A lot of effort goes into putting together a site that’s responsive to the interests of the audience and engaging enough to satisfy their curiosities. Unfortunately, not many people know that a lot is going on behind the scenes, and business owners and influencers who maintain such sites have to ensure that they can track the performance of their content to improve their pages. This is why social media management teams provide a critical support system for such entities. These teams are the ones which track the engagement of the sites to ensure that it continues to perform well. In this article, we will tackle various available tools you can use to boost conversion rates.

1. Canva

Your target audience will be more likely to engage your site if images appeal to their senses. Attractive visuals emphasize that your site is something that needs to be visited. People who see something interesting will most likely visit the site and stay for a while, giving the site the chance to convert them into regular followers. 

With this tool, even the most greenhorn management team member will create a stunning visual in minutes. In addition, the output can be used as thumbnails, banners, or templates for various marketing campaigns that will drive more traffic to the site. With its user-friendly interface, creating remarkable images is a cinch. Please visit here for information about Software Testing

2. Buffer

Another tool that will help the team, Buffer, allows them to post content based on a schedule. This will enable them to plan ahead and ensure that the content is regularly made available to users. This will help drive a lot of traffic to the site as more people will become more interested in using the site if they see interesting content uploaded regularly. 

3. Iemlist

Item list is another management tool that will allow the team to upload content and drive more traffic to the website regularly. In addition, the tool helps the team to identify when is the best time (and how frequently) to send follow-up messages to different prospective leads. This will lead to optimized marketing campaigns that clients will respond with enthusiasm. 

4. Ahrefs

We know that we have to use the right keywords if we need to rank higher in search engine optimization. Ahrefs is a reputable tool that a management team can use to find the current trending keywords and opportunities they can integrate into the content. A higher SEO ranking will result in better site visibility and more traffic, which can help in any marketing strategy. 

5. ClearScope

For teams seeking to capitalize on the trending keywords and opportunities, ClearScope is another optimization tool that they can use to ensure that there will be a better conversion rate. With a highly detailed editor, one can adjust the content and make it even more readable and rank higher in search engine results.
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Whether you’re writing new content or refreshing existing articles, this will be a terrific tool to have.

6. SharedCount

Content sharing is one of the essential activities that allows for organic growth and interest. Websites tend to go viral if there’s exciting content. If the team wants to identify the number of shares of a particular post, then SharedCount will be the perfect tool to determine it. With the gathered data, the team can then tweak and adjust the site’s contents to give it a better chance to go viral and convert the target audience. 

7. Hotjar

This platform will provide the team with a real-time visual record of site visitors’ engagement. This will give them an idea of what content seemed interesting to them, the time spent looking at the content and their behavior in accessing the site.

The tool’s heatmaps will allow the team to determine which parts of the site get more engagement. This will give them a picture of which parts of the website they need to work on to increase usage and interaction. The more interactive and appealing the site, the better the chance to convert the audience.
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Social media management takeaway

Business owners want every social media page to go viral because it will allow them to engage their target audience and perhaps monetize their content. However, this will be a challenging task without any tool that will help the team to maximize the engagement. This is why we have to find different tools that can help convert the target audience and ensure continued success. 

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