Overview of Nomos Ludwig

The number of queries about Nomos Glashutte we get appears to be increasing each year. It’s easy to see where she’s coming from. A decade or more ago, the German brand achieved significant progress in the United States. This is due in great part to a well-received minimalist design palette, outstanding marketing, reasonable costs, and authentic in-house mechanical movements.

As a representative of dress watches, Nomos Ludwig on the whole has been a huge success in an area where many other businesses have struggled with customer acquisition. How can this watch collection appeal to a younger demographic without jeopardizing the reputation of watch maker among long-time watch collectors?

The Position of Nomos

In today’s world, Nomos is Germany’s biggest manufacturer of mechanical timepieces, and the company debuted a new line at Basel world 2018 that keeps the brand’s signature flair for design. While many facts about the brand, such as the fact that it was formed two months after the collapse of the Berlin Wall, are well-known, there are several intriguing aspects that not every watch aficionado may be aware of.

Story of Company

DĂĽsseldorf-based photographer and IT professional Roland Schwertner filed the trademark NOMOS Glashutte /SA in 1990. In 1992, the first NOMOS watch collection was released. The business stopped relying on Swiss suppliers when it introduced its own internal escapement, known as the Nomos swing system, in 2014. The Nomos caliber range was eventually expanded to include this additional component. With the Nomos swing system, the firm has focused on updating its caliber range since 2016. Once improved, the calibers are given names that start with “DUW.” This abbreviation, which stands for “Deutsche Uhrenwerke,” is meant to draw attention to the company’s internal caliber manufacture.

Nomos Glashutte Ludwig Watch Collection

Nomos Ludwig modernizes classical aesthetics. With Roman numbers, indexes, a very thin bezel, and equally thin lugs, this model exhibits composure, which is becoming increasingly difficult to come by these days. There isn’t a watch more classic than the Ludwig. Roman numerals, a polished casing, and lugs that are undeniably attractive. This watch is more classic, has great proportion and accuracy, and is a fantastic fit for the classy wrist. The case has the appearance of a very flat stone, and the lugs are flush with the wrist, giving the beautiful and learned Ludwig model a more feminine touch. With the neomatik calibers, Ludwig automatically maintains its hand-wound thinness, as seen here with DUW3001 and a date on the bust due to DUW6101.

Ludwig is the only Nomos model with a dial that uses just Roman numerals. There are five sizes of Ludwig available, ranging in diameter from 33 to 41 millimeters. This watch comes in two color options: black on white and champagne with a splash of brilliant neon (neomatik version). Ludwig comes with a leather strap made of either good velour leather or Horween Genuine Shell Cordovan, depending on the size of the watch.

Nomos Glashutte is characterized by a great deal of heritage and craftsmanship—combined with a touch of modern technology, when its accuracy transcends handicraft. Ludwig has a date indicator in addition to the hand-wound Alpha, the most traditional of all Nomos calibers. Additionally, there are the date-functioning DUW 6101 and the ultra-thin DUW 3001 neomatik movements. Almost no other business in the world is able to build a patented escapement, but Nomos Glashutte can. It is a declaration of independence in the field of fine watchmaking and is known as the Nomos swing system.

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