SEO Vs. Paid ads for generating leads 

If you have a website with thousands of visitors every month, it is pretty easy to generate leads. Howbeit, if you have low or no traffic to your website, how do you generate leads?

In this article, we will investigate the best ways to generate leads viz paid ads and SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

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Lead generation 

There are many approaches to generate leads, and the result varies based on the channel you use or the strategy.

Many have a typical question, which one is better – SEO or the paid ads?

Which one has better return on investment? We can answer this by looking at the advantages and disadvantages of both the marketing methods.

Advantages of paid ads 

Let us see paid ads are beneficial.

Fast results 

Paid ads give you fast results. When you start the campaign, you can expect to get clicks instantly. You can get a faster insight into your campaign performance.

You will get a clearer insight into which keywords are working and what keywords or phrases are best for you from a demographic standpoint and geographic standpoint.
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With all this information, you can perfect your campaign in real time.

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Target your ideal audience 

With paid ads, you could have a lot of options with targeting.

You can target people based on their city, state, country, even within a certain radius of your business.

It helps you to segment your audience at a micro level, therefore, you can send highly personalized messages.

Now let us look at the cons.

Cons of paid ads

It is not free of cost 

You should be ready to spend money, otherwise you cannot expect anything from it. In case you do not have enough money to spend or invest on paid advertisements, you cannot expect it to work for you and give greater results.

Although paid ads can scale up your business quickly, you need to invest more and more. As time goes on, your cost per lead, cost per conversion, cost per traffic keep increasing when you are scaling up.

So, that was a glimpse of the paid ads. Now let us move on to SEO. Watch Bollywood and Hollywood Full Movies Moviesnation

Advantages of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) 

SEO is scalable 

With search engine optimization, once your efforts start paying off it will continue to keep paying off until you do the right thing.

The result you get from SEO practices will tend to compound more over time.

It works 24/7 

As we saw earlier, once you stop paying, you will not get any more traffic and leads from your paid ads; however, with SEO, you will continue to get the traffic.

Highly profitable 

According to research, the customer lifetime value is higher with the traffic by SEO than paid advertising.

Brand loyalty 

As SEO efforts are highly engaging, it creates better brand loyalty eventually.

Low CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) 

The cost per acquisition is exceptionally low in the case of search engine optimization when compared to paid media.

It is also seen in B2B businesses that SEO and organic traffic generated a greater number of leads than any other marketing strategies.

That is pretty much an advantage, right? But it also comes with cons, let us see them one by one.

SEO takes time 

You cannot expect results right away. You may start seeing some results in three months, but it need not be what you are looking for.

Extremely competitive 

Because of a higher ROI, the competition is higher.

Algorithm changes 

Google can change their algorithm and rules anytime and this will affect your SEO rankings. This is an ugly part of SEO.

However, if you are always doing SEO the right way, you would not be much impacted.

And the other issues are that not all the SEO traffic convert, you will have to write lots and lots of convert.

Concluding thoughts 

With paid ads, you can get traffic to your website from day one, and it comes with a cost. Contrarily, you can also drive traffic for free using search engine optimization, but this will take some time.

Both SEO and paid ads come with pros and cons.

It is good to use both over time.

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