What Gambling Firms Don’t Want You to Know – How They Keep You Hooked 

Gambling firms have a number of tricks that tempt gamblers into playing for longer and spending more money. The gambling industry could not exist if casinos didn’t have a better understanding of the odds than gamblers. This doesn’t stop gamblers from believing that they are able to beat the odds. 

Cognitive bias

A love for a sport like football or a particular team can convince gamblers that their gut feelings are reliable. In the same way, players can be optimistic about their chances of winning when playing online casino games. Knowing that the odds are stacked against them doesn’t stop them from thinking they can win. 

A gambler playing roulette in a casino sees previous outcomes. By displaying them, the casino hints that previous spins of the wheel have an effect on future spins. It makes gamblers think that they are basing their decisions on something other than chance. 

“Free” money 

If the house gives gamblers bonuses or free spins, they can win money without using their own money. Some may not realize how important it is to pay attention to the terms and conditions that come with bonuses of all kinds. Gamblers must wager a certain amount to be able to withdraw cash. 

Making you think you’re in control

Bookmakers have a good idea of the difference between the odds they offer and the real odds. They have obvious reasons for not making this public. They will heavily promote certain types of bets to entice gamblers to gamble money on complex probabilities. The odds quickly increase when combining probabilities. 

Feeding the confidence and self-worth of gamblers helps to increase their sense of control. A bookmaker can offer what seems like a bargain knowing that the chances of it happening are slim. It’s easy for people to be on social media and think they are in control when it may be far from the truth. In the same way, bookmakers make gamblers think they are in control. They have confidence in bets they have little chance of winning. 

Disguising losses as wins

When playing a slot machine, a player may deposit money on a game, set a bet, and spin. They lose their stake most of the time. When they lose, the slot machine frames it as a win. They get the same feedback of lights and sound whether they win or lose. 

Gambling companies understand the mechanics of how to feel happy. Games are designed to frame a loss as a win so gamblers stay happy. This means they don’t realize how much money they are losing.

Celebrating near misses

Near misses when playing slot machines are often more upsetting to gamblers than huge misses. Players will feel the urge to play more when they feel they have just missed out on a jackpot. Many slot machines have bonus features that offer the opportunity to win bigger prizes. Gamblers who have near misses in bonus rounds will continue to play in the hopes of winning a large prize. 

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