What is Live Casino?

Live casino is an increasingly popular form of online gaming and provides players with an authentic casino experience without leaving home. Utilizing cutting-edge technology to bring all the action directly to your computer or mobile device in real time – providing access to some of the same games you would find at physical casinos at significantly reduced costs.

When playing this game, a live dealer connected to a studio that replicates an actual casino floor is present at every table you select. When clicking your chosen game, you are taken directly to a table with real casino equipment (such as blackjack shoes or roulette wheels) being shown off by their real dealer; all rules and payout rates for that specific game will also be displayed onscreen; standard online casino software allows bettors to place bets as soon as their decisions have been made and inform the dealer accordingly.

Choose from an impressive variety of tables, betting limits, and games ranging from baccarat and roulette to Speed Baccarat and Hold Em – you are sure to find something suitable. Some tables even provide high roller tables and VIP seating!

With the best live casino apps for PC, tablet and smartphone gaming available today, you can experience all your favorite casino games anytime anywhere! These user-friendly applications provide fast connections for an effortless casino gaming experience while their user-friendly interface enables even novice players to quickly learn their way around the game. Furthermore, they feature detailed help files and game statistics that enhance the overall experience.

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