What Should I Know Before I Shop for Nicotine Vape Juice in Australia?

First of all, if you have bought vape juice in other countries, there isn’t really anything you need to worry about when you buy vape juice in Australia. Believe it or not, Australia has far stricter rules regarding health and safety through products like this than even the United States, no matter what the Americans may want you to believe. They like to claim that they are at the forefront of safety, health, infrastructure and a great many other things when in reality they are running at the back of the pack of free developed nations at this point. So, if you felt safe buying vape juice in the US, EU or anywhere else, know that it is probably even safer in Australia.

However, before you shop for nicotine vape juice in Australia, let’s talk a little bit about what vape juice actually is and how vape products work. This is important, especially when it comes to the glycerin compound, the one big difference versus places like the United States.

Vape juice is made of, unsurprisingly after what I just said, a glycerin compound along with a safer form of nicotine and some sort of artificial flavoring. The artificial flavoring and the safer version of nicotine are no different than anywhere else, but there is a key difference when it comes to the glycerin compound. In the United States, for example, almost all vape juice utilizes propylene glycol, a glycerin compound used in inhalers, party foggers and several other things. It is completely inert and harmless to the human body unless you are one of the very, very few people that are allergic to it. However, in Australia, you run as good a chance if not better of running into vape juice that uses a vegetable oil derivative rather than propylene glycol. This really isn’t any less safe, but some people have a biological tendency to suffer from mild irritation, nausea or simple negative respiratory reactions when they inhale vegetable oil vapor. These are very few and far between, and if you have used vapes in Australia before and not had a problem, you are one of the vast majority that wouldn’t even be able to tell the difference between the 2 glycerin compounds in the first place.

Beyond that, it is important to know that here in the great nation of Australia, we are continuing to take elimination of this idiotic virus very seriously, much more so than the likes of the United States and some other places. We still heavily encourage people to shop online is much as possible, so you should favor a place to shop for nicotine vape juice in Australia online. You can buy vape juice in Australia from a local vape shop even while searching online, as most of these vape stores have online portals, or are willing to be a physical place to pick up your deliveries more rapidly if you shop online through a third-party.
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