3 reasons to hire a sex crime attorney in Houston

Being charged with a criminal offense could be a traumatizing experience. However, sex crimes are often more complicated.
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If you are facing a criminal charge, the first thing you should do is seek representation. People have often suffered unexpected penalties after being charged with a sex offense because most sex crimes are categorized as felonies in Texas. You don’t need any random lawyer but an attorney specializing in criminal law. In this post, we are sharing three reasons to hire a
sex crime attorney in Houston

  • Because sex crimes are complicated. The merit of a lot of cases hinges largely on consent. Did the person consent to engage in a sexual relationship with the accused? If the lawyer can prove so, the case would not hold. If the case involves statutory rape, where there is no need to establish consent, or there is evidence of force), things can be more complicated.
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    In Texas, if the concerned victim was less than 17 years of age, the accused may have a hard time proving otherwise. Depending on your circumstances, your lawyer can advise on strategy. 
  • Because sex crimes involve severe penalties. You may face jail time extending up to 25 years after being accused of a sex crime. The case’s outcome depends on many factors, the age of the alleged victim, your age, your criminal history (if any), and circumstances. Defending yourself could be a hard battle if you don’t have a lawyer on your side. Your attorney can protect your interests and work on the case accordingly. 
  • Because your reputation is important. If you are a victim of your circumstances and have been accused falsely of a sex crime, your reputation is certainly at stake. Make sure that you get an attorney on your side because you don’t want to deal with the outcome alone, especially when the world is likely to look at you in a certain way. Depending on the situation, you could sue the other party for their wrong accusation and subsequent damage caused to you. 

Not all criminal lawyers specialize in defending clients facing sex crimes. Do your homework and find a law firm in Houston that you can trust. Don’t shy away from asking questions or delay hiring a lawyer. Anything you say to the police could go against you. You can find more details about top sex crime lawyers in your area through an online search.

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