The Confusing Myth

First of all, let me make something clear – do not intend to replace or contradict the medical advice or diet opinions that you have received from your doctor, but there is a myth associated with diets for lowering cholesterol.
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For a very long time, people with high cholesterol were recommended to exclude eggs and red meat from their diets. Although the fact that these foods are high in cholesterol is undeniable, recent studies suggest that you do not have to ban them altogether from your diet.


Omelet lovers will particularly love what I am about to tell you. According to the Cleveland Clinic, people with high levels of cholesterol should not entirely exclude egg yolks from their diet. Many studies have shown that eggs contain potent antioxidants that can lower the risk of cardiovascular disease and even cancer.
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The proteins and beneficial nutrients found both in the egg whites and yolk can improve our health.
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Newer studies have shown that eating eggs in moderation is acceptable for those with high cholesterol, and can be quite beneficial, actually. So instead of putting three whole eggs in your omelet, why not beat up one full egg and two egg whites?

Red Meat

If you got disappointed after reading that people with high cholesterol should not include red meat in their diets, let me cheer you up: omitting red meat altogether is not the best approach to lowering cholesterol. It is true that red meat is high in saturated fat and contains cholesterol, but there is always the lean option

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