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4 Ways to Prepare Your Website for SEO

Having a website is not enough for getting web traffic and generating leads. If you want to do well with your website and the traffic it gets, you will need to prepare your website for search engine crawls. 

In other words, your website should be first of all technically favorable for let’s say Google bot to crawl and show on the search engine result page, also known as SERP. Of course, technicality is just the start and only the use of full SEO strategies can help you get satisfactory results from your website, no matter whether you sell services online or promote your personal brand through it.  

In this short article, you will find the 4 common ways that can prepare your website for SEO. 

Secure website

First of all, your website needs to be secured. As your first step, you will need to get a security certificate and ensure your website URL holds Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS). Apparently, for search engines, or at least for Google, having a secured website affects the ranking. 

So say, you better put the effort and make sure your website is secured to avoid any potential obstacles that would hold back your website from high rankings. 

Site speed

Although some may argue that site speed is not a ranking factor, imagine yourself about to visit a website that takes years to load and respond to your request on the site. Here is one certain thing. 

People would most probably leave your website if your website loading time is much longer than 2 seconds. If you want to prepare your website for better meeting your SEO goals, you should definitely work on speeding up your website.
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Website design and navigation

Well, website design might not have a lot in common with SEO tactics, but it plays a significant role in keeping your website visitors on your website for a while. Therefore, your website should be easy to navigate.
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From this perspective, it would be great if you check what pagination is for SEO, to make sure your website design at least meets the expectations of basic SEO requirements. Your website design can follow the “F” pattern, that is from left to right and top to bottom, but, in case you are an eCommerce business, your website should be paginated for easy navigation and user-friendliness. 


Another way to prepare your website for SEO is to create a sitemap. It usually refers to the list of all the pages that can be accessed on your website. Be it a “contact us” page, or different subpages of your blog section, including the links in the sitemap would help the search engines easily find the URLs and check the relevant content based on the search inquiry. 

To put it in simpler words, if you want Google to easily find the content on your website and show it to your potential customers and clients, you should definitely create a proper sitemap. 

With a lot going on and a lot of things to remember to do, you can also use tools to manage your workflow, so that no significant or less important tasks get left out. This will help you keep the track of all of your activities and you will be able to manage your SEO strategies accordingly.
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Wrapping up 

In case you want your website to be favorable for search engines to crawl, you will need to prepare your website. Of course, website preparedness does not only include technical aspects, but with the following ways, your website would be close to being prepared for SEO. 

As a start, you will need to secure your website and make sure it is speedy. Have your website user-friendly and easy to navigate. Create a sitemap for search engines to easily find answers to search inquiries on your website. With these in action, your website will be more prepared for SEO. 

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