5 Best Things to Do in Kefalonia, Greece

Kefalonia – a pretty famous tourist attraction in Greece for many people that is reasonably popular for its natural attractions and rugged area and hinterland. Today, you will find out the best 5 things you can do while staying in this beautiful destination.

  • See the Nature made attractions of the Island

Kefalonia is known mainly for its natural attractions rather than the man-made ones ranging from Drogarati caves and ending with the natural beauty of the in cave Melissani Lake. The natural wonders of this island will surely surprise you! But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t check out the castle or monastery on the island.

Melissani Lake 

It’s a vast lake situated underground, and throughout thousands of years, its roof has collapsed and has created a wonder. The lake is a cave-like area with an open-top in its midsection, making it look like an oasis of sorts with magnificent beauty and historical value. 

It’s relatively easy to get to the lake if you find a cheap car hire in Kefalonia. And it will only cost you €10 to hitch a ride on a boat with other people to see the lake itself.

Drogarati caves

These caves are a haven from the hot Greek sun during the summer. It’s a great spot to go to cool down from all your adventures on the outside and to see all the stalactites and stalagmites, and there are a lot of them since the cave is enormous.
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Agios Georgios Castle

This is one of the most iconic places on the island simply because of its size. The Agios Georgis castle is an old romantic ruin of a Venetian Stronghold.
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You can expect to find an old Venetian noble coat of arms on the walls of the Citadel and two different churches that are currently going through renovation close by. There are also vineyards and olive groves, respectively, found to the South and West of the Citadel.

Agios Gerasimos Monastery

This is a monastery that was founded by Saint Gerasimos, the patron saint of Kefalonia, in honour of the Virgin Mary in the 16th century.

His remains are mummified and kept at the monastery and also are used sometimes during services. If you wish to see a place of religious value on the island, this is the spot you should head to first. 

  • Relax and take a swim at one of the beaches

Kefalonia has a couple of beaches for you to choose from and go for a swim. Some of them are more remote than others, but you will typically find them in relative proximity to the settlements you will visit on your trip through Kefalonia.

Myrtos Beach 

A gorgeous sandy beach with the most transparent sea blue water you will ever find. It’s a great area to take a swim in and relax on the beach. Usually not overcrowded since the local village is not very large so you might have the beach entirely to yourself you are lucky.

Petani Beach

A beach located 25 minutes away from Lixouri is another gorgeous beach that you can relax on. If you happen to be in Argostoli, you can take a car ferry to this beach. Though driving here is better because you can enjoy the scenery on your way there.

Fteri Beach

And finally, Fteri Beach is a beach between the Petani and Myrto’s beaches that you can visit throughout your ride on the Island if you got a car hire. Walking on foot is also an option, but it’s not recommended.

  • Visit the local villages/towns.

Even though the island isn’t a bustling area of civilizations, it has a relative number of villages/towns you can visit, showing you the local architecture and culture, not to forget to introduce you to Greek cuisine, which is always a plus.

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The Assos Village

This small village is situated close to Myrtos Beach, only a 15 minutes ride away. Overall the village is very thematic to the local area and beautiful. To make the trip easier, hiring a car would be a good idea but keep in mind that Assos has only 20 car parking spots in total, which can be somewhat problematic.

Sami village

Sami is one of the larger towns in Kefalonia and situated next to Melissani Lake; it has a couple of restaurants for locals and tourists alike. So if you are going to Melissani, you could stop by for lunch or breakfast here!

Hiking, Biking or Bird-Watching in Ainos National Park

Now, this is for the more active type of life folk! If you wish to go hiking, biking or just simply watch exotic birds, then Ainos National park is the place for you. It’s a very large Park which is perfect for either of these activities.

Enjoy your Mediterranean Journey

These are the top places to go to and enjoy your time when visiting Kefalonia. You will have a relaxing experience here, either when tasting food/relaxing on the beach or just exploring the scenery with caves on the Island. I hope this made your journey a more enjoyable one and wish you safe travels to this island wonder of Greece.

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