My 1st visit to rishikesh with Thrillophilia

My partner and I have always had a shared love for adventure. We try our best to visit the adventure hotspots around India, and try as many extreme sports as possible. Rishikesh has been on our list for several years now, although we never really got to fulfill this desire. Earlier this year, we took our first trip to the mountain city with Thrillophilia. We were looking for a tour package that would offer us the degree of adventure that we desired, but would take care of all the other tour necessities as well. A host of Thrillophilia reviews pointed us to this Rishikesh Daredevil Tour. The brief tour was only 3 days and 2 nights long, and packed with adventure. We were a little thrown off by the discounted rate that it was offered us, but the Thrillophilia Positive reviews shot down any doubts that we had. The tour started from Delhi. We were at Delhi a day before the designated commencement of the tour, and were ready for our adventure the next day. A designated time and place were set up to meet our tour representative, who then helped us get to Rishikesh by car.
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Our first stop was the Rishikesh base camp, where we signed up and took a little rest to unwind after the journey. There were a lot of activities arranged at the campsite as well, volleyball and softball being some, although we didn’t indulge in any on the first day. Later that day, we set out for a share of water adventures in Rishikesh. The first sport we tried was river rafting. My partner and I had both rafted before, but the rapids of Rishikesh have always been a goal for us. We tried the Grade 3 rapids, and had the time of our lives making our way through the river with some of the others in the group. Cliff diving was the next adventure, and after a quick briefing session, we headed over to the lower cliffs to make our way into the water. The last on our list was bodysurfing; nobody in the group had ever tried bodysurfing before, and we took a fair bit of time to learn the ropes. Bodysurfing is basically a form of surfing without a board. We were given propulsion fins to make our way through the water. Although I ended up failing miserably, it was quite fun to try anyway. After a hectic day by the water, we made our way back to the campsite. Back at camp, we were met with a delicious meal and bonfire. A quick music session followed, and we decided to have an early night after the very exhausting day. The next day, we woke up early and had a light breakfast at camp. Our first stop for the day was Mohanchatti, a little town by Rishikesh that houses the country’s highest bungee jump station. While Bungee Jumping has a thrill off its own, jumping off the Shivalik hills offers twice the adrenaline rush. The 83 meter long Jump met all our adventures, and I decided to go for it twice just to relive the experience! Next on our itinerary was a flying fox adventure. A flying fox is a kind of zipline adventure. In Rishikesh, the flying fox cables run across hills. Zooming through the skies, you are met with sweeping views of the forest-clad slopes below. The last on the list was a Giant Swing Experience, which is one of the most unique adventures I’ve ever tried. The Giant Swing is a lot like the Bungee Jump, except instead of freely falling to a platform below, the rope swings side to side like a pendulum. The Giant Swing Ride takes place from the same platform as the bungee jump, which means this took us down 83 meters as well. Having tired after a long day of jumping and swinging, we retired back to the camps again. The next day marked our last morning at camp. After an early morning and breakfast, we left for Delhi and thereafter made our way back home. If you’re as much of an adventure lover as us, this Daredevil Tour might be just up your alley. The assistance we received throughout the tour was quite amazing, with every requirement duly arranged for us. The campsite was extremely well maintained and cleaned. The vehicles that took us to Rishikesh and also around the town during the adventure tour were also sanitized and well maintained, much to our relief. Moreover, the tour itself was extremely well conducted. All the adventure activities were supervised by guides and experts, making it easy for novices to try as well. True to the Thrillophilia Pinterest reviews, this tour met all of our expectations, and we cannot wait to try it again!

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