6 Signs That a Person is Suffering from a Trauma

Traumatic events can happen to anyone. After a person has experienced a terrifying event, they often exhibit certain symptoms such as anxiety, nightmares and flashbacks. There are six key signs that indicate that a person is suffering from trauma, which is also known as post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD.


People suffering from severe trauma often experience recurrent memories of the event. Sometimes, those memories will lie dormant for a long time and suddenly begin. It’s even possible for the individual to relive the traumatic event over and over again in their mind. These flashbacks can adversely affect a person’s ability to function normally and perform their regular daily tasks.
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Nightmares are very common when a person experiences a traumatic event. They can be so bad that the person might not even want to sleep.


When a person has suffered a traumatic event and has PTSD, they often turn to avoidance as a coping mechanism. They might refuse to discuss the event even with a therapist, romantic partner or best friend. Often, they will even try to avoid thinking about it.
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Avoidance isn’t only mental, however. People suffering from trauma often avoid going to places that conjure up memories of the event. They might even avoid any associations with people who experienced the terrifying event with them or who simply remind them of the situation. Some people will even completely avoid activities that remind them of the event. For example, if the event was a serious car accident, the person might refuse to drive or ride in a car altogether.

Continuous Negative Thoughts

Trauma causes a person to experience a change of mood and thinking. The individual will often have negative thoughts that are ongoing. A feeling of hopelessness is normal when someone has experienced severe trauma. There may even be problems in their personal and family relationships due to those continuous negative thoughts. The person could have difficulty maintaining their relationships and trouble at work or school due to their change of thoughts.

Loss of Interest

It’s normal for individuals suffering from trauma to feel detached and numb. This can impact their relationships and the things they once enjoyed. Someone who might have once loved getting together with friends on a regular basis might suddenly find themselves isolated through their own doing. They might instead withdraw and not care the way they once did.

Intensified Physical and Emotional Reactions

People who suffer from trauma have physical and emotional reactions that are much more intense than how they would normally react. They can be more easily startled and always have their guard up. Trouble concentrating and sleeping is common. The person is often more quick to become angry and may even exhibit feelings of shame.

Going through a traumatic event can completely change a person’s life. Dealing with the aftermath is often difficult, but with help, it’s possible to get through it. Brisbane Wellbeing Clinic can help you to reclaim your life and help you deal with the event that has shaken up your life. Contact our office at your earliest convenience to schedule an appointment.
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