8 Things You Should Know About Hepatitis C Viral Load?

Hepatitis C can cause damage to your liver for the duration of time if you leave this condition untreated.
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It can cause liver scarring that is known as cirrhosis. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has reported that the symptoms of hepatitis C can result in liver failure and cancer.

The treatment of hepatitis C was tough in the past. It was also not effective. However, the latest medications have altered the viral infection to a condition that is now curable.
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Following are 8 important facts that you must know about hepatitis C.

  • Hepatitis C Remains Silent Until Your Liver Damages

If you are getting the symptoms of hepatitis C, you have already got the damage that is life-threatening. Five to more than 15 or 20 develop the condition of cirrhosis from every hundred people who have the infection of chronic hepatitis C.

Cirrhosis is the liver scarring that affects your liver’s ability to digest food and fight different infections.
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Symptoms of the last stage of hepatitis C and liver damage are jaundice, weakness, extreme fatigue, confusion, itchy skin, and development of abdominal fluid.

  • Being Contacted With Infected Blood Cause Hepatitis C

If you have received an organ transplant or blood transfusion before 1992, you are vulnerable to develop the infection of hepatitis C. At that time, routine blood supply testing practically eliminated the virus. 

CDC reported that the workers who have been stuck or contacted with the affected needle accidentally are also at risk of developing hepatitis C. Infected mothers can also transfer the infection to their children. Currently, sharing needles for the purpose of drug use is spreading infections.

Moreover, when you get piercings or tattoos from equipment that is unsterile, you are also at risk of developing hepatitis C. Its transmission is also possible during sexual intercourse, but the risks are not higher. If you get piercing on regular bases then a hepatitis C antibody test is definitely important for you.

  • Baby Boomers Should Be Tested For Hepatitis C

CDC reported that people between the time duration of 1945 to 1965 are at greater risk to develop hepatitis C as compared to other adults. 

Many of them got infections between the 1960s and 1980s from blood products and contaminated blood. These blood products were used in order to treat hemophilia. Virus screening was initiated before it was widespread.

  • No Vaccine Is Available For Hepatitis C

You will be surprised to know that there is no vaccine available to prevent hepatitis C. The reason is that there are different types of hepatitis C. It is tough to make a vaccine that can effectively prevent all types of hepatitis C.

You can still avoid infection by avoiding the shared needles and other drug equipment. If you ever feel that you may have hepatitis C symptoms, go to the doctor immediately to be tested for this condition.

  • Cure Of Hepatitis C Is Possible

The main pillars of treatment were ribavirin pills and interferon injections. But they proved effective 40 to 50% in controlling the condition of hepatitis C. Therapy may have serious side effects that are extreme fatigue, depression, flu-like symptoms, and risk of suicide.

The best thing is the development of certain drugs that help to cure hepatitis C. These medications can cure the infection in 95 % of people or more.

  • Liver Transplant Can’t Recover Hepatitis C

You may have heard that a liver transplant helps to cure hepatitis C. But this is not true. The leading cause of liver transplantation in the United States is the damage from hepatitis C that is irreplaceable. 

But after the removal of the liver, people still need medications in order to remove the virus from their bodies. Fortunately, medications are available for the cure of hepatitis C after going through a liver transplant.

  • People With Hepatitis C Can Support Others To Prevent Virus

People who have hepatitis C are not allowed to share their personal items that contain even small amounts of blood. It includes clippers, toothbrushes, and razors. Individuals should keep these items in a separate kit so others cannot use these items accidentally.

  • Individuals Recovered From Hepatitis C Still Require Proper Checkup

People who have experienced cirrhosis from hepatitis C should be monitored for liver cancer. Doctors may recommend such individuals’ abdominal ultrasounds after every six months to examine the signs of cancer.

Losing weight and avoiding alcohol helps you to protect your liver health for a long time. Avoiding alcohol decreases the risks of getting liver failure and cirrhosis.

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