Can You Legally Stop Paying Child Support?

When the parents of a child get married, they acquire a legal obligation to support the child financially. This obligation remains until the child is 18 years old, and both parents must do their part in contributing to support the finances of the child. However, sometimes, a parent may struggle to support the child due to losing a job or other reasons. 

If you meet the legal requirements for not paying for your child’s finances, you may be able to avoid child support payments legally. If you are searching for ways to prevent child support without negative consequences, a salt lake city divorce lawyer can help you. 

Can you legally stop paying child support?

Yes. If you are a parent and are struggling to write a cheque for child support every month, there are legal ways through which you can get out of this trouble. However, it should be noted that none of the ways are easy to implement.
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You will probably need a good attorney to get out of paying child support. 

Ways you can legally stop paying child support

  • Agreement between both parents. 

If both parents settle an agreement, the child support payments can be stopped or waived. However, the power of making the final decision rests in the hands of the law.
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If the judge thinks that child support payments are needed, they can supersede the agreement between you and your ex. In simple words, a judge can order a child support payment even if both parents say they do not need it. 

  • Modifying the existing child support order. 

If your income has decreased due to taking up a lower-income job, you may be able to request a child support order modification. Here, you must demonstrate with proof that there has been a substantial change in your income, and due to the new circumstances, you can no longer pay the previously decided amount or pay any amount at all. 

  • Giving up parental rights. 

Although you may not be looking for this option, it is still one of the ways you can permanently get rid of paying child support. As a parent, you can legally give up your parental rights, but you will be required to follow specific state guidelines. When you have successfully surrendered your parental rights, you will no longer have the right to see your child, have any kind of control over their lives or have a say in decision-making regarding the child’s life. 

These are the three ways you can avoid paying child support every month. While all of these are tricky, they are not impossible.
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With the proper evidence and attorney, the process should be manageable. 

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