Check the Various Signs of Cataracts Among Senior Citizens in Florida

Cataracts can occur at some point in time as we grow old. If the cataract is left untreated, then ultimately, it can end up with blindness too.

Besides age, a few other risk factors can also activate your early cataract development. If the following symptoms are observed, then perhaps your cataract is maturing at a young age too. You may visit the nearby ophthalmologist Jacksonville, FL, and get yourself thoroughly checked.

The following are a few signs that you must look for if you suspect that you have a cataract issue.

  • Difficulty in driving at night

The inability to see well at night while driving is the first symptom of cataracts. Bright lights and sunshine can initially reduce the lens’s tendency to yellow, but at night cataracts are more obvious.

  • Difficult to see any distant objects

The overall visual acuity is reduced by cataracts, even in the early stages. When this occurs, it will be difficult to notice distant objects at first.

  • Blurry or dim vision

With cataracts, vision becomes dimmer, and objects appear less bright because the lens thickness makes it more difficult for light to flow through.

  • Increased sensitivity to light

Sometimes cataracts can prevent light from focusing on the retina and instead cause it to disperse inside the eye. Significant glare, which can be unpleasant and annoying, may result from this.

  • Halos around light

As their cataracts worsen, many patients start to observe halos, or colorful rings, around objects. The reason for this is that light bends as it travels through the lens’s harder surface.

  • Needs brighter light to read the smaller print

Once cataracts start to develop, small print that was already difficult to read will become even more challenging.

  • Double vision

Sometimes, cataracts can cause an inability to focus, as a result, you may get double vision.

  • Faded colors

Cataracts are either yellow or muddy brown. They may begin to resemble the cataract in color when light passes through them. Observing muddy colors or objects that were once white looking more yellow is another indication of cataracts.

Cataract removal

Less heat is generated in the incision when performing cataract surgery with femtosecond laser energy in contrast to conventional ultrasonic energy. This reduces the possibility of unintentional leaking, capsule rupture, and postoperative problems such as retinal detachment or astigmatism. 

Your intraocular lens, which replaces your previous lens and improves your vision at one or more distances, is then implanted by your healthcare professional.

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