Dangers Of Representing Yourself In A Trucking Accident 

Trucking accidents can be scary and traumatizing. The sheer weight and size of the vehicle can cause immeasurable damages. Fortunately, the law allows you to hold the responsible party accountable and recover your damages by filing a claim. 

You have the right to represent yourself in a truck accident case. However, it is important that you understand the dangers that come with it. There is a difference between how an experienced Stockton truck accident attorney and the average person handles a claim. 

Dangers of representing yourself in a trucking accident 

  • You do not know what evidence you need for the case. 

Sure, you can go online and look up the list of potential evidence that you could gather in a trucking accident claim. However, reading online articles is not equivalent to years of law school and decades of specialized experience. When an inexperienced person handles a claim, the possibility of them overlooking an important factor, clue, or evidence is always there. 

  • Missing a deadline. 

Legal work comes with having to meet tons of deadlines. You may need to file complex paperwork within time. Moreover, different forms may have different deadlines. The biggest mistake one can make is not filing the case before the statute of limitations expires. In Stockton, California, the statute of limitations to file a trucking accident claim is two years from the date of the accident. Keeping track of so many deadlines can become confusing and time-consuming. 

  • You do not know how to calculate the damages. 

Another special skill that lawyers retain is calculating the damages. Again, learning this requires training and experience. When you ask for different types of damages, such as medical costs, lost wages, loss of future earning capacity, etc., you need to calculate them with supporting evidence. Moreover, determining the monetary value of intangible damages like pain and suffering can be particularly complicated.

  • Falling for the tricks of the insurance companies. 

People who do not have experience dealing with insurance companies usually fall for their dirty tricks and tactics. You can save your case from going to trial by settling privately with the insurance company.
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However, you must have strong negotiation skills to get the amount you want.
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With zero experience and knowledge, you may not have a strong strategy in place. Moreover, you are likely to say things that can weaken your case. An attorney with years of practice will know exactly how to deal with the insurance company. 

  • You do not understand the value of your claim. 

When you have little knowledge of the law, you may not understand the full value of your claim. This makes it easy for the insurance company to deceive you and convince you into accepting a lower settlement.
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